Not book realted-completely political but if I don’t get this out I’ll explode

I value my heritage. I come from a line of good old German folks that make me proud of my name. That being said, I cannot comprehend (genuinely) how people can say that statues shouldn’t be taken down because it’s history and documents a time in the south. These statues document a time when white people LITERALLY treated African Americans as property and the Civil War was fought to FREE THEM FROM SLAVERY. These statues are monuments of people that fought to keep an entire race enslaved and oppressed. The confederacy were traitors to the United States but we should honor them because they died for what they believed in? They believed slavery was right. That OWNING a person was morally right. I understand being proud of where you’re from but when you’re fighting to keep a symbol of such a terrible time in our history, what is that saying to the people who’s ancestors were slaves? You’re telling them that the legacy of a man fighting for slavery means more than their freedom. 

I’m sorry for the political rant and it’s completely inappropriate for this particular platform but I honestly can’t post this on Facebook in fear of the harsh retribution that are southern Illinois comments. 

Thank you for listening and hopefully I won’t have to use my blog again for this! ❤️


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