Bearskin-James McLaughlin

I love bears with my whole heart. I realize they can be pretty ferocious animals but they have a whole entire section of my heart all to themselves. So the cover alone had me sold on reading this book.
Rice was a criminal but after being in prison he has turned a new leaf. That leaf being a caretaker of a protected forest preserve. He has been hiding from some very bad people and has planned to make a home for himself in isolation. But Rice isn’t alone. A stranger has lead him to the remains of a bear skin and paws removed, he knows there are poachers on the land he is supposed to protect. He investigates and becomes obsessed with catching the bear poachers but will his past catch up to him first?
Bearskin is 340 pages long and took me 4 days to read.
I’m giving this book a 4 of 5! I loooooooved it so much! Rice is a strangely lovable character who you find yourself rooting for unconditionally. McLaughlin writes nature in such a beautiful way that you feel as though you’re in the woodland with Rice. I will be shoving this book down my nature-loving friend’s throats!
Thank you Ecco for sending me this copy!
Here’s to the adventure of finding a novel novel!

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