Descent-Tim Johnston

  Tim Johnston’s Descent is a unique story with a unique perspective. Descent takes place in the Rocky Mountains where a young family of four, on vacation, endures one of the most trying times a family can face when their 18 year old college-bound daughter Caitlin goes missing on a morning run with her brotherContinue reading “Descent-Tim Johnston”

the day i went missing-Jennifer Miller

The Day I Went Missing follows our author Jennifer Miller into what I can only describe as a truly heartbreaking and terrifying situation she finds herself in when she becomes too trusting of her psychologist.  This is a genuine psychology thriller in the most literal sense and being that this is a true story makesContinue reading “the day i went missing-Jennifer Miller”

Gone Baby Gone- Dennis Lehane

Let’s start off with a bang, shall we? I should preface this entry by saying, if you aren’t a fan of colorful foul language, you should probably skip this book. While it is one of my favorite books, I realize it won’t be for everyone. Gone Baby Gone is based out of  the hard Boston streetsContinue reading “Gone Baby Gone- Dennis Lehane”