The Skeleton Key-Erin Kelly

“The Golden Bones”, a popular children’s book with a dangerous cult following, was published fifty years ago. To celebrate the anniversary, the author decides to republish with a special edition and additional clues to find the last “golden bone”. This is great news for the brand and the families pocketbook but places the author’s familyContinue reading “The Skeleton Key-Erin Kelly”

The Drift- C.J. Tudor

Not everything is what it seems in this new book by C. J. Tudor. A catastrophe has impacted the world and as we follow the stories of three characters, we see how their survival is at risk in this new and dangerous landscape. The Drift is 337 pages long and took me three days toContinue reading “The Drift- C.J. Tudor”

The Sanctuary-Katrine Engberg

When a body cut clean in half is found in a Swedish town, the trail leads to a small island off the coast. Luckily the primary detective on the case has an insider on the island to do some digging. The heartbroken Jeppe is on leave but when his partner contacts him about this disturbingContinue reading “The Sanctuary-Katrine Engberg”

Everybody Knows- Jordan Harper

DISCLAIMER: “Everybody Knows” was one of my favorite books I read in 2022. Mae is a fixer of sorts. The rich and famous (but mostly powerful) people depend on her and her agency to cover up scandals, prevent problems and take care of business. But after her boss approaches her outside of work to discussContinue reading “Everybody Knows- Jordan Harper”

The Hunter- Jennifer Herrera

Former NYPD detective Leigh O’Donnell is given a second chance when she takes a case with her former hometown police department thanks to her younger cop brother. Things haven’t changed much with the small town, but Leigh now has a daughter that she has to protect so staying in her old family home with herContinue reading “The Hunter- Jennifer Herrera”

No One Knows Us Here-Rebecca Kelley

As a single woman in her 20s , Rosemary was not prepared for her teenage sister Wendy to show up at her door looking for a place to live. Rosemary feels stuck, she feels like she’s barely making it on her own, let alone trying to raise someone. So when billionaire CEO Leo Glass propositionsContinue reading “No One Knows Us Here-Rebecca Kelley”

Nine Liars- Maureen Johnson

Stevie Bell is at it again! When Stevie finagles her way into a London school trip to see her boyfriend David, she is asked by David’s friend to look into an unsolved mystery at a manor called Merryweather on a stormy night in 1995. The closer Stevie embeds herself into the case the more dangerousContinue reading “Nine Liars- Maureen Johnson”

My Favorite Reads of 2022

I’ve read 76 books this year but these 11 made it to the top of my list of most favorite reads of 2022! “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid needs no introduction and there is a good reason why. This book had me in tears and left me an emotional wreck.Continue reading “My Favorite Reads of 2022”