The Guilt Trip-Sandie Jones

Rachel is trying to make the best out of her trip to Portugal. Her brother in law is getting married to a flakey woman that neither Rachel nor her husband Jack are particularly thrilled about. Luckily, Rachel’s best friends Noah and Paige are coming with which should make for a pleasant trip. The only problemContinue reading “The Guilt Trip-Sandie Jones”

Every Waking Hour- Joanna Schaffhausen

The fourth book in the Ellery Hathaway series does not disappoint! Starting a new relationship can be an exciting and nerve-wrecking time. Especially if you start dating the man who saved your life from a serial killer years ago. But detective Ellery and her new boyfriend, FBI agent Reid, are off to what they canContinue reading “Every Waking Hour- Joanna Schaffhausen”

The Split-Sharon Bolton

Felicity, a glaciologist, has the opportunity of a lifetime; to study glaciers on an Antartic Island. The island is remote, but not remote enough. She receives an ominous letter and fears her past has finally caught up to her. Now she must hide in the Arctic tundra until the last boat of the season leavesContinue reading “The Split-Sharon Bolton”

The Vanishing Season-Joanna Schaffhausen

Ellery is no stranger to murder. She chose to become a police officer after she was rescued by one from the notorious serial killer, Francis Michael Coben. She moved far away so she wouldn’t be recognized and while no one in her squad knows who she really is, someone locally has found out. Every yearContinue reading “The Vanishing Season-Joanna Schaffhausen”

Stone Mothers-Erin Kelly

Marianne loves her daughter more than anything in the world and would do anything to keep her safe. When her high school era boyfriend threatens to destroy the life she’s built by revealing Marianne’s darkest secrets, Marianne will even turn to her enemies to stop him. Stone Mothers is 353 pages long and took meContinue reading “Stone Mothers-Erin Kelly”

A Beautiful Corpse-Christi Daugherty

I completely fell in love with Harper McClain when I read ”The Echo Killing” earlier this year and was ridiculously excited to read ”A Beautiful Corpse”! Harper has had a hard time doing her job as a crime reporter for the local paper in Savanah, GA since she exposed the lieutenant (her mentor) for theContinue reading “A Beautiful Corpse-Christi Daugherty”

The Perfect Alibi-Phillip Margolin

I’ve recently become Minotaur Books number one fan. They just keep pushing our great books that I have such a fun time reading and won’t be forgetting anytime soon! When a girl asks Robin Lockwood to take on her lawsuit for damages against the man who was convicted of raping her, Robin takes on theContinue reading “The Perfect Alibi-Phillip Margolin”

The Craftsman-Sharon Bolton

I’ve heard so many great things about this book that I had to snag a copy for myself. June 1969, in a small town in England, a notorious serial killer, Larry Glassbrook, is finally identified as burying his three underage victims alive. When he returns home in 1999 in his own casket, the detective whoContinue reading “The Craftsman-Sharon Bolton”