A Good Marriage-Kimberly McCreight

SUMMER THRILLER ALERT!! All Lizzie wanted to do growing up was to work in the US Attorney’s office. She knew she had the work ethic and the brains to boot. But when her husband who has a pretty heavy drinking problem gets into a costly accident, Lizzie must enter the world of corporate lawyers toContinue reading “A Good Marriage-Kimberly McCreight”

This Is A Book For People Who Love National Parks-Matt Garczynski

We love National Parks so much that we got married in one! This delightful little handheld, ”This Book Is For People Who Love National Parks”, covers 61 of the United States’ National Parks! Each park includes a super cute drawing and facts about each park. This is a great gift for any traveler and especiallyContinue reading “This Is A Book For People Who Love National Parks-Matt Garczynski”

The Split-Sharon Bolton

Felicity, a glaciologist, has the opportunity of a lifetime; to study glaciers on an Antartic Island. The island is remote, but not remote enough. She receives an ominous letter and fears her past has finally caught up to her. Now she must hide in the Arctic tundra until the last boat of the season leavesContinue reading “The Split-Sharon Bolton”

No Bad Deed-Heather Chavez

On her way home from work, Cassie witnesses an altercation on the side of the road between a man and a woman. She stops to help when she sees the man throw the woman down an embankment. She rushes to help the woman and is confronted by the man. ”Let her die, and I’ll letContinue reading “No Bad Deed-Heather Chavez”

The Chill-Scott Carson

The town of Galesburg was purposely submerged over a hundred years ago to help build a dam and bring water to New York City. What keeps being forgotten is that the town wasn’t the only thing that drowned. Now the dam has severe damage and although this would seem like an urgent matter, there are…Continue reading “The Chill-Scott Carson”

Nancy Drew The Curse-Micol Ostow

Nancy Drew is at it again! When mysterious events take place (including a girl from her high school disappearing) in preparation for Nancy’s hometown’s Naming Day Celebration, the small-time sleuth is on the case! Nancy Drew The Curse is 263 pages long and took me 5 days to read. I had a lot of funContinue reading “Nancy Drew The Curse-Micol Ostow”

No Exit-Taylor Adams

Urgently trying to get home before her mother passes away, Darby races through a horrific snowstorm to try and make it in time. When she gets stranded at a rest stop with four strangers the last thing she needs is more stress. Darby goes outside for some space and realizes there is a young girlContinue reading “No Exit-Taylor Adams”

The Vanishing Season-Joanna Schaffhausen

Ellery is no stranger to murder. She chose to become a police officer after she was rescued by one from the notorious serial killer, Francis Michael Coben. She moved far away so she wouldn’t be recognized and while no one in her squad knows who she really is, someone locally has found out. Every yearContinue reading “The Vanishing Season-Joanna Schaffhausen”