13 Minutes-Sarah Pinborough

I should have a disclaimer before this review that I love Sarah Pinborough. Behind Her Eyes has become my go-to recommendation and she could probably write complete trash but I’d still read it, I loved BHE that much. That being said, 13 Minutes is not trash and I was thrilled to death when Flatiron Books sent me this copy for review.

Natasha is the most popular girl in her school and is undoubtedly the most simultaneously loved and hated. When she is pulled from an icy river near her home and found to have been dead for approximately 13 minutes it has everyone talking. Once she regains consciousness she tries but cannot remember how she ended up in the river but immediately starts to second guess her friends closest to her. With the help of her ex-best friend Becca, she tries to solve her own mystery of how and why this happened to her.

13 Minutes is 412 pages long and took me 2 days to read.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 for its hugely dramatic twists and turns throughout the story. I really enjoyed reading this and flew through it because I just had to know how it ended!! I highly recommend this book, especially if you love some good girl drama!

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Sip-Brian Allen Carr

I’ve become a big fan of apocalyptic stories over the last year. Although I find the idea of these stories completely terrifying, I find myself seeking them out. I don’t normally enjoy getting scared but there is something about the possibility of the story coming to life that really gets my heart pumping.

Sip takes place in a world that has become apocalyptic due to people’s ability to drink their own shadow to get high. Once you have consumed your whole shadow, you are unable to sleep without the drinking a shadow. It had become commonplace to steal other people’s shadows which led to the downfall of the world. When our lead character, Mira, hears of a cure to the shadow sickness in which her mother is ailed, she and her friends Murk and Bale set off on an adventure of sorts to find the man who stole her mother’s shadow.

Sip is 296 pages long and took me 3 days to read.

I give Sip a 3 out of 5 for this creepy/slightly gruesome but totally cool story. This was my first Brian Allen Carr novel and I really really really hope Sip has a follow up!

Thank you so much to Soho Press for sending me this advanced copy!

Here’s to the adventure of finding a novel novel!


The Dry-Jane Harper

If I could write like this as my debut novel, I’d quit my day job.

The Dry takes place in Australia in a small town that is deep in drought. Federal Agent Aaron Falk is returning to his hometown for the first time in 20 years since he was chased out as a young man. What seems to be a clean cut case of murder-suicide committed by his former best friend, doesn’t sit right with Aaron. Luke and Aaron grew up with each other and were best friends for years. While they do have a shaky past due to the incident which caused Aaron to be chased out of town, he still doesn’t believe Luke could kill his wife and son. When Luke’s parents ask Aaron to dig into this case he is extremely hesitant as this is not his area of expertise but agrees because he feels he owes it to them. Not only will this case drag Aaron back into his hometown where he is not welcome, he will also have to dig into his own past to figure out if it is the cause of Luke’s death.

The Dry is 326 pages long and took me 4 days to read.

I give this novel at 3.5 out of 5 for a captivating story that genuinely keeps you questioning every character. This book is graphic and nature and may upset those with a weak constitution.

Thank you Flat Iron Books for sending me this copy!

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Dear Amy- Helen Callaghan

I very rarely find that a book leaves me without a sense of who the author is. Dear Amy is no different. Helen Callaghan has a unique story to tell and I look forward to reading her future works.

Margot Lewis has a dark past. In the new life she has made for herself she is now a high school teacher that gives advice in a “Dear Amy” column. When she gets a letter from someone who is writing as a missing girl from 15 years prior seeking help from her captor,Margot is unsure of what to make of them. Is this a joke? She’s had prank letters sent to her before. This feels different, it feels real. When she goes the police they initially laugh her off but after taking a closer look , they start to believe Margot.

Dear Amy is 340 pages long and took me 3 days to read.

I give this novel a three out of five for keeping me intrigued throughout the story. Thanks to Harper Collins for sending me a copy of this great story.

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The Fever- Megan Abbott

I’m pulling this book out of my “previously read” vault to review because it’s my last semester is school and I’ve been slacking on reading. This was the first Megan Abbott that I had the pleasure reading and since reading I’ve added many of her books to my to be read list.

The Fever takes place in a small town where Deenie, a young high school girl, suddenly has a seizure in the middle of class. When other female students start having unexplained seizures as well the entire town becomes increasingly paranoid to the point of hysteria.

The Fever is 303 pages long and took me 3 days to read.

I really enjoyed this book. I always find myself drawn to mysteries and this book is no different. I give The Fever a 3 out of 5 for the anxiety it gave me throughout the story.

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Here’s to the adventure of finding a novel novel!