Danger In Numbers-Heather Graham

A seemingly cult like murder near the Florida Everglades has the Florida State Police in a tizzy. When the FBI is called in to take a look at the case, another murder quickly follows. The police know even more will happen within days if they don’t pin down the culprits soon. Special Agent Amy LarsonContinue reading “Danger In Numbers-Heather Graham”

The Misfortunes of Family-Meg Little Reilly

Recently retired senator, John Bright, is spending three weeks of his relaxing summer with his wife, four sons, their significant others and Farah, the documentarian working on a show about families in politics. But three weeks is a long time to be stuck together and it can bring up previously hidden insecurities and problems. WithContinue reading “The Misfortunes of Family-Meg Little Reilly”

Grace Is Gone-Emily Elgar

When a small-town mother in a famous mother-daughter-duo is found murdered and her very ill daughter is missing, a reporter that had previously lost his credibility reporting on their family becomes obsessed with the case. Jon knows he already lost so much by reporting a different side of the the duo but now he isContinue reading “Grace Is Gone-Emily Elgar”

Too Close- Natalie Daniels

Everyone needs someone that understands them and makes them feel heard. When forensic psychiatrist, Emma, connects with her new patient, Connie, it’s something she has a hard time explaining. Emma knows that the crimes Connie committed were horrific but she feels like she can really get through to her. Little does she know the closerContinue reading “Too Close- Natalie Daniels”

The Sentence Is Death-Anthony Horowitz

Private Investigator Daniel Hawthorne has found another case to solve with author, Anthony Horowitz. An infamous divorce lawyer, Richard Pryce, was found murdered in his home via a bottle of $3000 of wine smashed over his head. Hawthorne is known to notice the details no one else sees. Together they will find out who andContinue reading “The Sentence Is Death-Anthony Horowitz”

The Perfect Fraud-Ellen Lacorte

As a fake physic, Claire is no stranger to fraudulent behavior. But after a traumatic event, she starts to pick up and see things she didn’t previously. When Rena, a young mother whose daughter has serious medical problems, meets Claire on a flight to see yet another specialist for her daughter, Rena feels she mightContinue reading “The Perfect Fraud-Ellen Lacorte”

Half of What You Hear-Kristyn Kusek Lewis

Looking for a juicy, summer time-feeling read to hold you over during winter? Well, look no further! Bess has moved to her husband’s small, old money, the hometown of Greyhill, Virginia. Where the summers are hot but the gossip is even hotter. Bess would love to fit in comfortably but immediately feels like an outsider.Continue reading “Half of What You Hear-Kristyn Kusek Lewis”

Out of Season- Antonio Manzini

I’ve been trying to read more books based out of countries other than the U.S. But for some reason I just can’t stop reading mysteries! Out of Season takes place in the seasonal beauty, Alpine Aosta in Italy. This small, and usually quiet, town doesn’t typically have a lot of action but today a girlContinue reading “Out of Season- Antonio Manzini”