The Network-L.C. Shaw

When journalist Jack Logan is contacted by his ex-girlfriend’s current husband (a U.S. Senator) about protecting his wife all costs, Jack is a little thrown. He hasn’t spoken to Taylor in years and he knows she wouldn’t be thrilled to hear from him. But when the things the Senator had predicted, including his own mysteriousContinue reading “The Network-L.C. Shaw”

The House of Brides- Jane Cockram

The House of Brides has always been a touchy subject for Miranda. Her mom wrote the book before she was born and had significant success from her one hit wonder. Miranda receives a letter addressed to her now deceased mother in the mail from her long lost cousin who lives in the home her motherContinue reading “The House of Brides- Jane Cockram”

The Last Time I Saw You- Liv Constantine

I’ve really been slacking on my reviews so I sincerely apologize! I thought I’d hit you with this doozy to make up for it! Kate’s mother was brutally murdered. She’s had terrible things happen in her life but this is by far the worst. The only slight ray of positivity in this tragedy is thatContinue reading “The Last Time I Saw You- Liv Constantine”

Half of What You Hear-Kristyn Kusek Lewis

Looking for a juicy, summer time-feeling read to hold you over during winter? Well, look no further! Bess has moved to her husband’s small, old money, the hometown of Greyhill, Virginia. Where the summers are hot but the gossip is even hotter. Bess would love to fit in comfortably but immediately feels like an outsider.Continue reading “Half of What You Hear-Kristyn Kusek Lewis”

Beneath The Mountain-Luca D’Andrea

I can’t turn down a thriller and boy am I glad I was sent a copy of Beneath The Mountain! Jeremiah Salinger is a documentarian of sorts. His claim to fame was, in his eyes, nothing special. When he moves to Italy with his wife and daughter and starts working on his next project, followingContinue reading “Beneath The Mountain-Luca D’Andrea”

The Last Mrs. Parrish-Liv Constantine

I don’t often compare books to Gone Girl, and while it is a deliciously twisted plot, it more reminds me of that story because the main characters in both novels are horrible.  I genuinely hated the main character in The Last Mrs. Parrish but my anger made me want know what happens to her. AmberContinue reading “The Last Mrs. Parrish-Liv Constantine”

A Simple Favor-Darcey Bell

I’m so sorry I’ve been such a slacker! Between our wedding/honeymoon trip to Montana, our wedding reception and returning to work I’ve been completely swamped! Luckily, I’m getting back into the swing of things and have started reading pretty heavily again. When Stephanie’s friend Emily asks her to pick up her son from school, StephanieContinue reading “A Simple Favor-Darcey Bell”