The Craftsman-Sharon Bolton

I’ve heard so many great things about this book that I had to snag a copy for myself. June 1969, in a small town in England, a notorious serial killer, Larry Glassbrook, is finally identified as burying his three underage victims alive. When he returns home in 1999 in his own casket, the detective whoContinue reading “The Craftsman-Sharon Bolton”

The Echo Killing-Christi Daugherty

I just can’t pass up a mystery novel. Harper McClain is very familiar with death. Not just because she is a crime reporter in her local town, Savannah, GA, but because she was the one who found her mothers body as a child after she was brutally murdered. A crime that had never been solved.Continue reading “The Echo Killing-Christi Daugherty”

Beneath The Mountain-Luca D’Andrea

I can’t turn down a thriller and boy am I glad I was sent a copy of Beneath The Mountain! Jeremiah Salinger is a documentarian of sorts. His claim to fame was, in his eyes, nothing special. When he moves to Italy with his wife and daughter and starts working on his next project, followingContinue reading “Beneath The Mountain-Luca D’Andrea”

Mr. Pneumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore-Robin Sloan

I had to share a copy of this GLOW IN THE DARK COVER because I’m completely obsessed with it. Clay Jannon is in desperate need of a job. He has searched far and wide and finally stumbles across Mr. Pneumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. This slim bookstore with cowering shelves leaves Clay speechless and he immediately fallsContinue reading “Mr. Pneumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore-Robin Sloan”

Ragdoll-Daniel Cole

After I read Ragdoll and realized it is Daniel Cole’s first novel, I was completely blown away. For this to be a debut is astounding. I will be stalking the rest of his publications from here on out!!! When a corpse of six individual’s body parts found sown together is discovered in London, it canContinue reading “Ragdoll-Daniel Cole”

A Simple Favor-Darcey Bell

I’m so sorry I’ve been such a slacker! Between our wedding/honeymoon trip to Montana, our wedding reception and returning to work I’ve been completely swamped! Luckily, I’m getting back into the swing of things and have started reading pretty heavily again. When Stephanie’s friend Emily asks her to pick up her son from school, StephanieContinue reading “A Simple Favor-Darcey Bell”

Midnight At The Bright Ideas Bookstore- Matthew Sullivan 

If you’ve read my posts before you probably have caught on to the fact that I’m sort of a crime/mystery/thriller fanatic. I just can’t help it! While I am trying to expand my horizons you’re going to get another mystery review in the meantime. Lydia has a very dark past, one that she doesn’t discussContinue reading “Midnight At The Bright Ideas Bookstore- Matthew Sullivan ”

Magpie Murders-Anthony Horowitz

Two mysteries in one?!?! Count me in! When I heard about Magpie Murders I was curious how the ending would turn out in this Agatha Christie-esque story since there was so much hype. Editor Susan Ryeland receives a copy of her popular author Alan Conway’s newest mystery novel in its series. It is, naturally, herContinue reading “Magpie Murders-Anthony Horowitz”