Small Game-Blair Braverman

Mara decides to use her survival skills on the newest TV show to win $100,000 should she survive 6 weeks with four other contestants. But something unexpected happens that throws their survival up in the air. Mara is confident in her abilities but can she trust the people around her to have her back? SmallContinue reading “Small Game-Blair Braverman”

Leave The World Behind-Rumaan Alam

A nice summer vacation to the country is what a family of four needs. So Amanda and Clay take their young daughter and teenage son to a country oasis. Their vacation seems to be perfect when the owners of the vacation home show up in the middle of the night claiming there was a majorContinue reading “Leave The World Behind-Rumaan Alam”

Hangman-Daniel Cole

When I read Ragdoll last year, I couldn’t stop talking about it. I was truly enthralled with the story and the ending held so much promise for a second novel. Enter Hangman. Detective Emily Baxter still has the Ragdoll murders fresh in her mind, even 18 months later. Baxter is approached by two American FBI/CIAContinue reading “Hangman-Daniel Cole”

She Rides Shotgun- Jordan Harper 

My dad is one of my best buds so when I read the synopsis of this book about a daughter-father duo that outruns a prison gang, I was all in! The eleven year old, Polly, hasn’t seen her dad in quite some time so when he shows up to pick her up from school, sheContinue reading “She Rides Shotgun- Jordan Harper “

Ragdoll-Daniel Cole

After I read Ragdoll and realized it is Daniel Cole’s first novel, I was completely blown away. For this to be a debut is astounding. I will be stalking the rest of his publications from here on out!!! When a corpse of six individual’s body parts found sown together is discovered in London, it canContinue reading “Ragdoll-Daniel Cole”

Since We Fell- Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane is the man. He’s written two of my favorite books, Gone Baby Gone and Shutter Island so least to say, when I received his new book “Since We Fell” in the mail I completely freaked out. I requested this book from Ecco without entirely knowing what it was about which I’ve been tryingContinue reading “Since We Fell- Dennis Lehane”