One More Lie-Amy Lloyd

Charlotte has to start over, again. Luckily she has her reliable psychologist, Dr. Isherwood. Being a former child criminal is a rough business even when you can’t remember your crime. While Charlotte is trying to navigate her first time as an adult with responsibilities, her former best friend and co-criminal Sean, is out there lookingContinue reading “One More Lie-Amy Lloyd”

The Plea-Steve Cavanagh

Because I’m truly an obnoxiously huge fan of John Grisham I feel as though I can say that I feel like Steve Cavanaugh channeled him while writing The Plea which is the highest compliment I can pay an author. The Plea follows our defense lawyer lead, Eddie Flynn as he fights the most difficult caseContinue reading “The Plea-Steve Cavanagh”

She Rides Shotgun- Jordan Harper 

My dad is one of my best buds so when I read the synopsis of this book about a daughter-father duo that outruns a prison gang, I was all in! The eleven year old, Polly, hasn’t seen her dad in quite some time so when he shows up to pick her up from school, sheContinue reading “She Rides Shotgun- Jordan Harper “

The Last Mrs. Parrish-Liv Constantine

I don’t often compare books to Gone Girl, and while it is a deliciously twisted plot, it more reminds me of that story because the main characters in both novels are horrible.  I genuinely hated the main character in The Last Mrs. Parrish but my anger made me want know what happens to her. AmberContinue reading “The Last Mrs. Parrish-Liv Constantine”

13 Minutes-Sarah Pinborough

I should have a disclaimer before this review that I love Sarah Pinborough. Behind Her Eyes has become my go-to recommendation and she could probably write complete trash but I’d still read it, I loved BHE that much. That being said, 13 Minutes is not trash and I was thrilled to death when Flatiron BooksContinue reading “13 Minutes-Sarah Pinborough”

Ragdoll-Daniel Cole

After I read Ragdoll and realized it is Daniel Cole’s first novel, I was completely blown away. For this to be a debut is astounding. I will be stalking the rest of his publications from here on out!!! When a corpse of six individual’s body parts found sown together is discovered in London, it canContinue reading “Ragdoll-Daniel Cole”

The Well Dressed Bear Will (Never) Be Found- J. Rosello’

I finished reading this cutie tonight! It is such a treat! If you’re looking for a cute but deep comic that will give you the feels, look no further!  Highly recommend this small comic book!  Here’s to the adventure of finding a novel novel! Lacey