The Drift- C.J. Tudor

Not everything is what it seems in this new book by C. J. Tudor. A catastrophe has impacted the world and as we follow the stories of three characters, we see how their survival is at risk in this new and dangerous landscape. The Drift is 337 pages long and took me three days toContinue reading “The Drift- C.J. Tudor”

The Swallows-Lisa Lutz

Being a high school English teacher at a private school is a challenging job but Alex knows she is up to the job, if only because she doesn’t have a choice. But on top of the usual challenges, Alex discovers an underworld of sorts at Stonebridge Academy. One that has the boys of the schoolContinue reading “The Swallows-Lisa Lutz”

Someone We Know-Shari Lepena

When a young high school-aged boy gets caught by his parents sneaking into his neighbor’s homes to hack into their computers, he is grounded BIG TIME. But when they start to realize their son may have found more than he bargained for, things they would kill over, this game becomes more dangerous they could haveContinue reading “Someone We Know-Shari Lepena”

The Scholar-Dervla McTiernan

  A young woman is found dead by hit and run in the early hours of the morning. The victim appears to be Carline Darcy, the heir to Darcy Therapeutics and was struck outside of the the laboratory funded by the therapeutic company on Galaway University’s campus. Detective Cormac Reilly finds the whole situation veryContinue reading “The Scholar-Dervla McTiernan”

Screen Queens-Lori Goldstein

Being a teenage girl is difficult enough without the pressure of being in a male-dominated industry like tech. But Lucy, Maddie, and Delia are here, and Valley Start, a high school tech incubator competition. Together they make up the only female team and will do whatever they can to prove that girls, not only belongContinue reading “Screen Queens-Lori Goldstein”

One More Lie-Amy Lloyd

Charlotte has to start over, again. Luckily she has her reliable psychologist, Dr. Isherwood. Being a former child criminal is a rough business even when you can’t remember your crime. While Charlotte is trying to navigate her first time as an adult with responsibilities, her former best friend and co-criminal Sean, is out there lookingContinue reading “One More Lie-Amy Lloyd”

The Witch Elm- Tana French

Tana French is the queen of mystery in my opinion. She is hands down one of my favorite authors. When I found out about The Witch Elm I freaked out and emailed Viking like crazy for a copy to review. They were kind enough to oblige! Toby is an easygoing guy who has never hadContinue reading “The Witch Elm- Tana French”

Our House- Louise Candlish

What are you supposed to do when a family is moving into your recently sold house, when you had no idea it was for sale? Fiona Lawson is a law abiding citizen to a fault. When her and her recently separated husband decide to “bird nest” parent, their kids stay in the family home andContinue reading “Our House- Louise Candlish”