The Electric Kingdom- David Arnold

The Fly Flu has wiped out the world as we know it. Following a group of children as they navigate their way across the United States, we see that not only do they have to worry about the deadly flies and the disease they spread but the remaining humanity left in the dust. But oneContinue reading “The Electric Kingdom- David Arnold”

Rules For Vanishing-Kate Alice Marshall

If you’re wanting a spooky book for Spooktober, look no further! The legend says that once a year a road appears in the small town of Briar Glen and makes those who walk it disappear. This year Lucy is determined to find the disappearing road after Lucy’s sister Becca walked it the year before. ButContinue reading “Rules For Vanishing-Kate Alice Marshall”

The Witch Elm- Tana French

Tana French is the queen of mystery in my opinion. She is hands down one of my favorite authors. When I found out about The Witch Elm I freaked out and emailed Viking like crazy for a copy to review. They were kind enough to oblige! Toby is an easygoing guy who has never hadContinue reading “The Witch Elm- Tana French”