The Old Woman With The Knife- Gu Byeong-Mo

Hornclaw has a unique job for a sixty-five year old.. assassin. The usually cold woman is given an assignment that may be designed to be her last when she meets a young doctor she becomes particularly fond of. When it appears someone may be threatening him and his families safety, Hornclaw knows just what toContinue reading “The Old Woman With The Knife- Gu Byeong-Mo”

Run For Cover- Michael Ledwidge

A body is found in the Grand Teton National park that is clearly a victim of murder. When two FBI agents, a park ranger and the town sheriff go out to investigate the body and scene, only one comes out alive but not unscathed. Was found the body and consecutive shooting unrelated or is somethingContinue reading “Run For Cover- Michael Ledwidge”

Stop At Nothing-Michael Ledwidge

A summer feeling thriller in March! Michael Gannon was just enjoying a nice day out on the beautiful Atlantic ocean while hoping to catch a record-breaking swordfish when he saw something even more memorable; a plane falling from the sky and crashing in front of him. What follows can only be described as a life-alteringContinue reading “Stop At Nothing-Michael Ledwidge”

One More Lie-Amy Lloyd

Charlotte has to start over, again. Luckily she has her reliable psychologist, Dr. Isherwood. Being a former child criminal is a rough business even when you can’t remember your crime. While Charlotte is trying to navigate her first time as an adult with responsibilities, her former best friend and co-criminal Sean, is out there lookingContinue reading “One More Lie-Amy Lloyd”