My Lovely Wife-Samantha Downing

Serial killer couple? Count me in! Being married is hard. It’s even harder with children in the picture, but lots of couples are still able to keep the spark in their relationship alive. Most of those couples don’t resort to murdering together to do so. My Lovely Wife is 371 pages long and took meContinue reading “My Lovely Wife-Samantha Downing”

One Fatal Mistake-Tom Hunt

Joshua Mayo is involved in a hit and run and kills a stranger. When he can’t shake the dread after fleeing the scene, he goes back in the middle of the night. His mother tracks his phone because he’s been acting so strange and she unknowingly follows him to the crash site. When they bothContinue reading “One Fatal Mistake-Tom Hunt”

The Suspect-Fiona Barton

Two teenage girls go on a trip of a lifetime to Thailand after graduation. Their parents are nervous but feel their daughters are responsible and trustworthy. When the parents don’t hear from the girls after they promised to check in, they start to become panicked. Has something happened to their lovely, innocent children, or didContinue reading “The Suspect-Fiona Barton”

Our House- Louise Candlish

What are you supposed to do when a family is moving into your recently sold house, when you had no idea it was for sale? Fiona Lawson is a law abiding citizen to a fault. When her and her recently separated husband decide to “bird nest” parent, their kids stay in the family home andContinue reading “Our House- Louise Candlish”