The Midnight Ride-Ben Mezrich

When an unlikely trio hunt downs clues to a possibly huge historical find of Paul Reveres, they discover they may not be the only ones on to the puzzle. Now they’ll just need to survive the night by hiding from assassins and the FBI. The Midnight Ride is 290 pages long and took me oneContinue reading “The Midnight Ride-Ben Mezrich”

The Woods-Vanessa Savage

Tess has never recovered from her sister dying when they were in their teens. But when Tess gets a call from her father telling her that their stepmother has been brought home to die peacefully, Tess must face what she’s been avoiding for ten years… the woods behind their house where her sister died andContinue reading “The Woods-Vanessa Savage”

Three Little Lies-Laura Marshall

Ellen has admired her best friend, Sasha since they first met. They’ve gone through more than most and when Sasha goes missing, Ellen is beside herself. She knows that Sasha wouldn’t leave without letting her know where she was going. Especially when they receive several letters from their past threatening to expose them as liars.Continue reading “Three Little Lies-Laura Marshall”

The Anomaly-Michael Rutger

A cross between Indiana Jones and X-Files?!? Count me in! When a group of myth busters that have a very popular YouTube channel go on an expedition to find a possibly fictitious cave in the Grand Canyon, chaos ensues. Caves are creepy enough on their own but when you see what these characters see…. TheContinue reading “The Anomaly-Michael Rutger”