The Anomaly-Michael Rutger

A cross between Indiana Jones and X-Files?!? Count me in! When a group of myth busters that have a very popular YouTube channel go on an expedition to find a possibly fictitious cave in the Grand Canyon, chaos ensues. Caves are creepy enough on their own but when you see what these characters see…. TheContinue reading “The Anomaly-Michael Rutger”

Two Can Play (#2 Audrey Harte series)-Kate Kessler

I’ve been trying to read more books with female characters because I feel like the majority of the mystery/legal main characters I read are men. I’ve found a badass women named Audrey Harte and she’s so much fun to read. Audrey is a criminal psychologist who is helping the prosecution charge a teen serial killer.Continue reading “Two Can Play (#2 Audrey Harte series)-Kate Kessler”