Three Strikes-Kate Kessler

Audrey Harte is one badass child psychologist. She has helped solve criminal cases and helped children get the counseling they desperately needed. When Mackenzie shows up on Audrey’s doorstep with the surprising information that Audrey’s deceased best friend, Maggie, was her mother who gave her up for adoption, Audrey is shocked. Mackenzie asks Audrey toContinue reading “Three Strikes-Kate Kessler”

Two Can Play (#2 Audrey Harte series)-Kate Kessler

I’ve been trying to read more books with female characters because I feel like the majority of the mystery/legal main characters I read are men. I’ve found a badass women named Audrey Harte and she’s so much fun to read. Audrey is a criminal psychologist who is helping the prosecution charge a teen serial killer.Continue reading “Two Can Play (#2 Audrey Harte series)-Kate Kessler”