No Exit-Taylor Adams

Urgently trying to get home before her mother passes away, Darby races through a horrific snowstorm to try and make it in time. When she gets stranded at a rest stop with four strangers the last thing she needs is more stress. Darby goes outside for some space and realizes there is a young girlContinue reading “No Exit-Taylor Adams”

The Vanishing Season-Joanna Schaffhausen

Ellery is no stranger to murder. She chose to become a police officer after she was rescued by one from the notorious serial killer, Francis Michael Coben. She moved far away so she wouldn’t be recognized and while no one in her squad knows who she really is, someone locally has found out. Every yearContinue reading “The Vanishing Season-Joanna Schaffhausen”

Stop At Nothing-Michael Ledwidge

A summer feeling thriller in March! Michael Gannon was just enjoying a nice day out on the beautiful Atlantic ocean while hoping to catch a record-breaking swordfish when he saw something even more memorable; a plane falling from the sky and crashing in front of him. What follows can only be described as a life-alteringContinue reading “Stop At Nothing-Michael Ledwidge”

The Misfortunes of Family-Meg Little Reilly

Recently retired senator, John Bright, is spending three weeks of his relaxing summer with his wife, four sons, their significant others and Farah, the documentarian working on a show about families in politics. But three weeks is a long time to be stuck together and it can bring up previously hidden insecurities and problems. WithContinue reading “The Misfortunes of Family-Meg Little Reilly”

Thief River Falls- Brian Freeman

When an author’s hit crime thriller starts to reflect her real life, Lisa Power knows just what to do. She has to help the little boy who is running from the police, just like she does in the story she wrote. But Lisa isn’t equipped to handle this on her own so she leans onContinue reading “Thief River Falls- Brian Freeman”

Highfire-Eoin Colfer

Is it too early in the year to proclaim this as one of my favorites of 2020? Vern is not your ordinary dragon. Living in a Louisana bayou, watching TV and lounging in his favorite t-shirt adorned with the movie ”Flashdance” displayed proudly on his chest, Vern is happy being alone. But living his lifeContinue reading “Highfire-Eoin Colfer”

Grace Is Gone-Emily Elgar

When a small-town mother in a famous mother-daughter-duo is found murdered and her very ill daughter is missing, a reporter that had previously lost his credibility reporting on their family becomes obsessed with the case. Jon knows he already lost so much by reporting a different side of the the duo but now he isContinue reading “Grace Is Gone-Emily Elgar”

Unspeakable Things- Jess Lourey

Small town life in Minnesota during the 80s was a turning event for most parents. When word gets around that young boys are being sexually assaulted, they aren’t quite believed. Especially because they’re from the wrong side of the tracks. But Cassie, a nice middle school-aged farm girl notices a change in the boys. SheContinue reading “Unspeakable Things- Jess Lourey”