The Girls Are All So Nice Here- Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

Ambrosia receives an invitation to her 10 year college reunion much to her dismay. She does everything she can to hide the invitation from her husband because why would she want to relive the worst years of her life? She doesn’t want her husband to know what she did while she was under the spellContinue reading “The Girls Are All So Nice Here- Laurie Elizabeth Flynn”

The Chill-Scott Carson

The town of Galesburg was purposely submerged over a hundred years ago to help build a dam and bring water to New York City. What keeps being forgotten is that the town wasn’t the only thing that drowned. Now the dam has severe damage and although this would seem like an urgent matter, there are…Continue reading “The Chill-Scott Carson”

Nancy Drew The Curse-Micol Ostow

Nancy Drew is at it again! When mysterious events take place (including a girl from her high school disappearing) in preparation for Nancy’s hometown’s Naming Day Celebration, the small-time sleuth is on the case! Nancy Drew The Curse is 263 pages long and took me 5 days to read. I had a lot of funContinue reading “Nancy Drew The Curse-Micol Ostow”

The Clarity-Keith Thomas

I’m so behind on posting my reviews so I wanted to share one with you that I really enjoyed reading! What if the memories we had weren’t our own? When Ashanique starts remembering things that are literally impossible for her to remember (like World War I), a psychologist, Matilda, from a local hospital becomes veryContinue reading “The Clarity-Keith Thomas”

Zack-Mons Kallentoft & Markus Lutteman

I cannot turn down a crime story. Zack is, least to say, a cop that doesn’t play by the rules. He parties hard in illegal clubs and may or may not have a drug problem. When young Asian women on his beat are getting brutually murdered, he will use all of his shifty back channelsContinue reading “Zack-Mons Kallentoft & Markus Lutteman”

The Perfect Stranger-Megan Miranda

I had heard that Megan Miranda’s novel, All The Missing Girls, was incredible so I was really excited to read The Perfect Stranger! Leah Stevens has been cast out of the reporting world after she was “discredited” with her Boston paper. She needed to get away fast so when her old roommate happened to runContinue reading “The Perfect Stranger-Megan Miranda”