Grave Reservations-Cherie Priest

Leda has always had a sixth sense in the form of premonitions. When she accidentally saves the life of a police officer by using her talent, he asks for her help. He’ll pay her to look at an older unsolved case with the hope that she’ll be able to have a premonition that will helpContinue reading “Grave Reservations-Cherie Priest”

House On Fire-Bonnie Kistler

I come from a family with step-parents and step-siblings and reading this story really made me consider how lucky I am that childhood was relatively normal. Although I can imagine from my own experiences how traumatic this story would be if it were true. Kip is a senior in high school with his whole lifeContinue reading “House On Fire-Bonnie Kistler”

The Clarity-Keith Thomas

I’m so behind on posting my reviews so I wanted to share one with you that I really enjoyed reading! What if the memories we had weren’t our own? When Ashanique starts remembering things that are literally impossible for her to remember (like World War I), a psychologist, Matilda, from a local hospital becomes veryContinue reading “The Clarity-Keith Thomas”