The Patient’s Secret-Loreth Anne White

When a woman’s body is found on a cliffside by a local psychologist, the police suspect him immediately. His wife, also a psychologist, is distraught with the idea of a killer on the loose. Is this another murder by the “Jogger Murderer”? She’s especially scared because she’s been receiving threatening notes. Could her husband haveContinue reading “The Patient’s Secret-Loreth Anne White”

The Night Shift-Alex Finlay

15 years after the famous unsolved Blockbuster murders in which four teens are murdered and only one survives, it seems there may be a copycat in the same town. The survivor of the Blockbuster murders has since become a psychologist to help those with trauma. When she is asked to help the current survivor, EllaContinue reading “The Night Shift-Alex Finlay”

Sea Storm-Andrew Mayne

Third in the “Underwater Investigation Unit” Series, comes an exciting story of terroristic attacks and cover ups. When a cruise ship appears to have been hit with explosives, the UIU takes on this larger than life case. Teaming up with the FBI the UIU will above (or below) and beyond to find the culprits. SeaContinue reading “Sea Storm-Andrew Mayne”

The Midnight Ride-Ben Mezrich

When an unlikely trio hunt downs clues to a possibly huge historical find of Paul Reveres, they discover they may not be the only ones on to the puzzle. Now they’ll just need to survive the night by hiding from assassins and the FBI. The Midnight Ride is 290 pages long and took me oneContinue reading “The Midnight Ride-Ben Mezrich”

This Might Hurt- Stephanie Wrobel

When Natalie receives a mysterious email threatening her from a secluded retreat her sister is attending, she knows she was right about letting her sister stay on the small island off the coast of Maine for six months without contact. Natalie knows now that she must intervene. After all, what kind of place blackmails theirContinue reading “This Might Hurt- Stephanie Wrobel”

Dead Silence- S.A. Barnes

Claire wakes up in a strange room in what appears to be a hospital. She knows that the other things that she sees in the hospital aren’t real. The ghosts of her crew are staring back at her with knowing gazes. She wasn’t supposed to make it off of the Aurora, a famously lost luxuryContinue reading “Dead Silence- S.A. Barnes”

Marion Lane and the Deadly Rose- T.A. Willberg

The second book in the Marion Lane series leaves off in the dangerous underground world of Miss Brickett’s Investigations and Inquires. After Marion’s troublesome first year at Miss Brickett’s, she is relieved to have some downtime to focus on learning her role within the group. But the Inquirers get asked to work on “The Florist”Continue reading “Marion Lane and the Deadly Rose- T.A. Willberg”

The Witching Tree-Alice Blanchard

Detective Natalie Lockhart is still mourning the loss of her younger sister after a very traumatic death and is contemplating leaving the force when a call comes in. A beloved member of the community has seemingly been murdered. Chained to the train tracks in the middle of the night while dressed in a Halloween witchesContinue reading “The Witching Tree-Alice Blanchard”