Beastly Bones (#2 Jackaby series)-William Ritter

The second book in the Jackaby series, Beastly Bones picks up from where it left off. Abigail Rook attempting to maneuver around her new employer, Jackaby’s strange and sometimes other-worldly ways. When Jackaby and Abigail receive word from an old friend that a mysterious death has occurred at the site of recently found dinosaur bones,Continue reading “Beastly Bones (#2 Jackaby series)-William Ritter”

Jackaby-William Ritter

I’m usually not a Young Adult reader simply for the fact that I have it stuck in my mind that YA novels are for just that, young adults! But I’m trying to get over my fear of feeling weird about reading them and this book was a great start! Abigail Rook is not your oldContinue reading “Jackaby-William Ritter”