Goodnight Beautiful-Aimee Molloy

Dr. Sam Satler is going home as a newlywed with his wife Annie to be closer to his mom who has dementia. His psychiatry practice is thriving in the small New York town but his life is far from perfect. Dr. Satler has many secrets that are about to come to light and become publicContinue reading “Goodnight Beautiful-Aimee Molloy”

The Silent Conspiracy-L.C. Shaw

The exciting follow-up to The Network! Two years after Jack and Taylor brought down the evil syndicate called the Institute, we find the lovebirds happily married with their son, Evan. They know there are still members of the Institute out there that might want to cause them harm but so far it’s been quiet. WhenContinue reading “The Silent Conspiracy-L.C. Shaw”

Final Cut-SJ Watson

Alex is set to film her new documentary in Blackwood Bay, a place she is reluctant to go back to. She remembers very little from her time there but knows she has a bad feeling about seeing the town and it’s people again. What starts out as a simple project turns into something much moreContinue reading “Final Cut-SJ Watson”

The River Home-Hannah Richell

A last minute wedding forces a emotionally distant family to face uncomfortable truths about their past, present and future. The River Home is 354 pages and took me two days to read. I loved this book! Im giving it a 4 out of 5! I made the description extra brief because I went in knowingContinue reading “The River Home-Hannah Richell”

Don’t Turn Around-Jessica Barry

Driving through the unpopulated road of Texas and New Mexico in the middle of the night, both Cait and Rebecca are in for a wild ride. As the night goes on they are accosted with a stranger’s vehicle. Both women are shocked but they both feel responsible for causing the other fear. They both haveContinue reading “Don’t Turn Around-Jessica Barry”

The Wife Stalker-Liv Constantine

Liv Constantine is at it again with this banger of a book! Piper gets what’s she wants and she has her eyes set on Leo. Too bad he already belongs to Joanna. Piper is persistent and Leo falls head over heels with the charismatic woman she is. But Joanna isn’t going to give up herContinue reading “The Wife Stalker-Liv Constantine”

A Good Marriage-Kimberly McCreight

SUMMER THRILLER ALERT!! All Lizzie wanted to do growing up was to work in the US Attorney’s office. She knew she had the work ethic and the brains to boot. But when her husband who has a pretty heavy drinking problem gets into a costly accident, Lizzie must enter the world of corporate lawyers toContinue reading “A Good Marriage-Kimberly McCreight”