The Atlas Paradox-Olivie Blake

The second book in the Atlas Series, this book leaves off where the first ended. Libby is gone and it appears to Nico that he is the only one of the five other Alexander Society recruits that is interested in finding out what happened. While they are all feeling the loss of Libby, the otherContinue reading “The Atlas Paradox-Olivie Blake”

Nettle & Bone- T. Kingfisher

Marra knows she’ll only have one shot to do what needs to be done… hating your brother in-law isn’t uncommon but when he’s a prince? Well killing a prince is a job for a princess. Nettle & Bone is 240 pages long and took me two days to read. I absolutely adore this book! I’mContinue reading “Nettle & Bone- T. Kingfisher”

The Family Plot-Cherie Priest

Music City Salvage has made a name for itself by salvaging parts of old homes. Chuck is approached by an elderly lady who desperately wants to sell her family home. From the pictures Chuck has seen, it feels impossible to pass up. So he sends his daughter and crew to start the demolition and willContinue reading “The Family Plot-Cherie Priest”

River of Teeth-Sarah Gailey

When I heard Liberty Hardy from BookRiot talking about this book I immediately added it to my wish list. The year is 1890 and there are feral hippos in the Mississippi River. In this alt history, Gainey explores what might have been if the US followed through on their plan of bringing hippos to theContinue reading “River of Teeth-Sarah Gailey”