The Wild Inside- Jamey Bradbury

I’ve always had a fascination with Alaska and their outdoorsy and rugged way of life. Obviously that’s a generalization and Alaska has large cities but it’s the country people that I’m interested in. Especially when it comes to their dogs.

The Wild Inside is a story of Tracy who has grown up with the gene of racing in the Iditarod. Her sole goal over the past 17 years has been as much. So when she sees an opportunity to chase her dreams, even if she puts her family in a difficult, she’ll do what she has to to compete.

The Wild Inside is 288 pages and took me five days to read.

I’m giving this book at 3.5 out of 5. Although it took me longer than normal to read a book of this size, I really enjoyed the experience and the character herself. Tracy has a unique voice that deserves to be heard and I’m really happy I read this book.

Thank you William Morrow for sending me a copy!

Here’s to the adventure of finding a novel novel!


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