High Treason-Sean McFate

When the Vice President’s motorcade is attacked and causes many deaths, including the Vice President, Tom Locke (former military contractor) knows this is more than a typical terrorist attack. He feels in his gut that this has his former bosses signature to it. But that’s impossible since he’s dead… Or is he? Tom knows heContinue reading “High Treason-Sean McFate”

Until It’s Over-Nicci French

Astrid has a happy life as a cycle courier in London and her house full of roommates. But when people around Astrid keep winding up dead, she’s not sure who she can trust and if she is even safe anymore in her home. Until It’s Over is 434 pages long and took me four daysContinue reading “Until It’s Over-Nicci French”

No Bad Deed-Heather Chavez

On her way home from work, Cassie witnesses an altercation on the side of the road between a man and a woman. She stops to help when she sees the man throw the woman down an embankment. She rushes to help the woman and is confronted by the man. ”Let her die, and I’ll letContinue reading “No Bad Deed-Heather Chavez”

No Exit-Taylor Adams

Urgently trying to get home before her mother passes away, Darby races through a horrific snowstorm to try and make it in time. When she gets stranded at a rest stop with four strangers the last thing she needs is more stress. Darby goes outside for some space and realizes there is a young girlContinue reading “No Exit-Taylor Adams”

Elevator Pitch-Linwood Barclay

New York City is a skyline full of beautiful buildings and thousands of elevators. When tragic accidents involving elevators start to occur where people are killed within days of each other, the NYPD starts to suspect that this is more than an accident. No one is safe and everyone has the risk of being seriouslyContinue reading “Elevator Pitch-Linwood Barclay”

The Cutting Room-Ashley Dyer

  I previously read Ashley Dyer’s previous book, Splinter in the Blood, and I couldn’t get over how much I enjoyed reading about detectives Ruth Lake and Greg Carver. There is a serial killer on the loose. He has been named “The Ferryman” and he claims to be an artist who uses his killing asContinue reading “The Cutting Room-Ashley Dyer”

Pieces of Her- Karin Slaughter

Andrea and her mother are extremely close. When a chance counter at a local diner turns Andrea’s life down a different path, she realizes that the life her mother has made for them is a lie. Pieces of Her is 480 pages long and took me 6 days to read. I truly enjoyed reading thisContinue reading “Pieces of Her- Karin Slaughter”

Cross Her Heart-Sarah Pinborough

Ever since I read Sarah Pinborough’s, Behind Her Eyes, I became a fan. Lisa is doing her best to raise her daughter Ava on her own but it is no easy feat. She tries her best to keep Ava on the right track and on a tight leash. When Ava makes the newspaper for herContinue reading “Cross Her Heart-Sarah Pinborough”