Splinter In The Blood-Ashley Dyer

The Thorn Killer is on the prowl. Detectives Carver and Lake are on the scene of every crime and have become obsessed with solving these heinous murders. But Lake has something to hide after she finds Carver shot in the chest. As we watch Lake unfold the case of the Thorn Killer and Carver’s slowContinue reading “Splinter In The Blood-Ashley Dyer”

The Book of M-Peng Shepherd

The Book of M is a post-apocalyptic story of a couple, Max and Ory, who desperately try to fight to survive in a world where almost everyone has lost their shadow. Losing your shadow makes you forget everything and everyone you love. When Max loses her shadow she makes a decision to leave Ory whileContinue reading “The Book of M-Peng Shepherd”

All The Beautiful Lies- Peter Swanson

I was lucky enough to read Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson when it came out last year. When I saw he had written a new novel, I freaked out and badgered William Morrow into send me an advance copy of All The Beautiful Lies. Before yesterday, Harry had a grip on life. He wasContinue reading “All The Beautiful Lies- Peter Swanson”

The Wild Inside- Jamey Bradbury

I’ve always had a fascination with Alaska and their outdoorsy and rugged way of life. Obviously that’s a generalization and Alaska has large cities but it’s the country people that I’m interested in. Especially when it comes to their dogs. The Wild Inside is a story of Tracy who has grown up with the geneContinue reading “The Wild Inside- Jamey Bradbury”

The Woman In The Window- A.J. Finn

Somehow I managed to put the wrong publish date for The Woman In The Window! So as embarrassing as that is, I wanted to let you know that if you haven’t read The Woman In The Window yet, that you should! Anna Fox used to be a successful child psychiatrist before the accident. Now sheContinue reading “The Woman In The Window- A.J. Finn”

Tampa- Alissa Nutting

This is probably the first negative review I’ve given and I try to avoid critiquing so negatively because being positive is my nature but holy crap…. I don’t think I fully grasped the plot of this book prior to requesting it from HarperCollins. The story is about Celeste, a young, beautiful, wealthy middle school teacherContinue reading “Tampa- Alissa Nutting”