No Bad Deed-Heather Chavez

On her way home from work, Cassie witnesses an altercation on the side of the road between a man and a woman. She stops to help when she sees the man throw the woman down an embankment. She rushes to help the woman and is confronted by the man. ”Let her die, and I’ll let you live.” Cassie hears the police sirens and the man takes off with her purse and car. Now Cassie is constantly looking over her shoulder. Did she make the right decision by helping this woman she didn’t know or should she have let her die?

No Bad Deed is 309 pages long and took me three days to read.

I loved this book and am giving it a 4 out of 5! No Bad Deed is a page-turner of a thriller with a big dose of mystery and you’ll be absolutely hooked!

Thank you, William Morrow, for sending me this copy!

Here’s to the adventure of finding a novel novel!


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