Blood Highway-Gina Wohlsdorf

I was nervous about requesting Gina Wohlsdorf’s newest book because I wasn’t a big fan of her previous book, Security. But I’m SOOOO glad I did! 17 year old Rainy has always known her father to be dead. But when she finds her mother dead she quickly discovers that her father has recently escaped prisonContinue reading “Blood Highway-Gina Wohlsdorf”

Security-Gina Wohlsdorf

As you know, thrillers are my favorite and I can’t help myself when one has a plot I haven’t already read. The Manderley Resort is already known for it’s incredible security and it hasn’t even opened. In 24 hours it will have the first official press gathering. Tessa, the resort’s manager, is set on makingContinue reading “Security-Gina Wohlsdorf”