This Is A Book For People Who Love National Parks-Matt Garczynski

We love National Parks so much that we got married in one! This delightful little handheld, ”This Book Is For People Who Love National Parks”, covers 61 of the United States’ National Parks! Each park includes a super cute drawing and facts about each park. This is a great gift for any traveler and especiallyContinue reading “This Is A Book For People Who Love National Parks-Matt Garczynski”

A Dark Lure- Loreth Anne White

Being the fishing fanatic I am, I was instantly interested in reading a novel with “lure” in the title. After reading the description of the novel I was all in. Olivia West, formerly know as Sarah Baker, is now a manager at the Broken Bar Ranch. Olivia/Sarah was the only victim of the Watt LakeContinue reading “A Dark Lure- Loreth Anne White”