The Fields-Erin Young

Iowa is known for its corn and when a young woman is found dead in a small town corn field, the town is an uproar. What impact will this have on the perception of the organic farm where she was discovered? With big tech breathing down the necks of smaller farms, the police are pushedContinue reading “The Fields-Erin Young”

Ninth House-Leigh Bardugo

Holy crap, you guys. This book is incredible! Alex Stern just started her first year at Yale. What should be an exciting time for a young woman and her future is anything but for Alex. She has always been able to see ghosts and when she is approached by Yale’s dean to become a studentContinue reading “Ninth House-Leigh Bardugo”

As Long As We Both Shall Live-Joann Chaney

It’s hard not to get wrapped up in a good thriller and As Long As We Both Shall Live is no exception. When Matt’s wife, Marie, falls off a cliff while hiking in Colorado, the police initially aren’t suspicious. Accidents like this happen in Estes Park. That is until they find out that Matt’s firstContinue reading “As Long As We Both Shall Live-Joann Chaney”