Be Prepared-Vera Brosgol

When I heard about this graphic novel I was so excited. A tale of a young girl who doesn’t quite fit in, decides to have a go at summer camp. Vera is different than the other girls at her school. She is Russian, loves to draw and her single mom can’t provide everything brand newContinue reading “Be Prepared-Vera Brosgol”

Paper Girls Volumes 1, 2 & 3 – Vaughan, Chiang, Wilson and Fletcher

I LOVE THIS GRAPHIC NOVEL SERIES SO MUCH! For fans of 80s nostalgia and young girls kicking ass, this series is for you! When a group of news paper delivery girls get themselves in a sticky situation with time travelers, they are transported through time and have to fight their way back to their century.Continue reading “Paper Girls Volumes 1, 2 & 3 – Vaughan, Chiang, Wilson and Fletcher”

Spill Zone- Scott Westerfeld

I have never read a graphic novel. For some reason I just didn’t get the appeal which is weird because I love Disney moves and animation so why wouldn’t I like stories with super sweet illustration? No idea, it didn’t make sense. But then I heard about Spill Zone on All The Books and itContinue reading “Spill Zone- Scott Westerfeld”