Nine Liars- Maureen Johnson

Stevie Bell is at it again! When Stevie finagles her way into a London school trip to see her boyfriend David, she is asked by David’s friend to look into an unsolved mystery at a manor called Merryweather on a stormy night in 1995. The closer Stevie embeds herself into the case the more dangerousContinue reading “Nine Liars- Maureen Johnson”

The Box in the Woods- Maureen Johnson

Hot off solving the mystery of the century, Stevie is invited to attend a summer camp where a brutal murder occurred to help a podcaster with his upcoming season dedicated to the case. With her friends by her side Stevie is looking forward to a summer spent sleuthing, even if it means that her summerContinue reading “The Box in the Woods- Maureen Johnson”

Shadow School-Dehaunting

The second book in the Shadow School series is even better than the first! Now that Cordelia and her friends know how to set free the ghosts that haunt their school, it should be a piece of cake! Except now the ghosts are refusing their keys that allow them to leave. And even worse… TheirContinue reading “Shadow School-Dehaunting”

Sawkill Girls- Claire Legrand

I’ve seen this book all of Instagram and knew I had to get my mitts on it. Sawkill Girls takes place on the small Sawkill Island where girls have been going steadily missing over the past few decades. Marion, the new girl, comes to town and she immediately feels a shift in her. Marion knowsContinue reading “Sawkill Girls- Claire Legrand”