No One Knows Us Here-Rebecca Kelley

As a single woman in her 20s , Rosemary was not prepared for her teenage sister Wendy to show up at her door looking for a place to live. Rosemary feels stuck, she feels like she’s barely making it on her own, let alone trying to raise someone. So when billionaire CEO Leo Glass propositionsContinue reading “No One Knows Us Here-Rebecca Kelley”

The Last One Home-Victoria Helen Stone

Lauren’s life is a mess. Her long term relationship just ended, her beloved grandmother is ill and her job is no longer making her happy. She knows she needs a change and decides taking care of her grandmother for a while might be just what she needs. While Lauren is cleaning the old house sheContinue reading “The Last One Home-Victoria Helen Stone”

I’ll Never Tell-Catherine McKenzie

The MacAllister kids are now adults meeting up to go over their parent’s will. The summer camp the MacAllister’s owned and ran have a lot of memories for the kids, not all of them are pleasant. At the reunion, they are faced with the uncomfortable truth that one of their family harmed a camper yearsContinue reading “I’ll Never Tell-Catherine McKenzie”

Jane Doe-Victoria Helen Stone

I haven’t written a review in what feels like forever but I had to share this book with you! Jane Doe is a sociopath and she knows it. She has used it throughout her life to become obnoxiously successful in her career. But she decides to use her talents, if you will, to bring downContinue reading “Jane Doe-Victoria Helen Stone”

After Nightfall-A.J. Banner

I was lucky enough to review The Twilight Wife when it came out so I was overjoyed to see that A.J. Banner had written a new book for me to devour! Marissa has finally found the man of her dreams. She is thrilled to announce their engagement to their neighbors (Lauren and Jenson, previously herContinue reading “After Nightfall-A.J. Banner”

Girls’ Night Out- Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

When I was in high school my three best friends and I called ourselves “the clique”. Lol yep, that really happened. I’ve always been fascinated with girl friend groups and their dynamics. Especially friend groups that are on the rocks! Girls’ Night Out is just that. Three best friends from college decide to take aContinue reading “Girls’ Night Out- Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke”