Blood Relations-Jonathan Moore

  Private Investigator, Lee Crowe is not always on the right side of the law. He’s not afraid to do what needs to get done for his clients, even if it’s dangerous and morally wrong. When he stumbles across a young women’s body that seems to have fallen on a car due to suicide, heContinue reading “Blood Relations-Jonathan Moore”

Girl Waits With Gun- Amy Stewart

Talk about independent women who don’t need a man! Constance Kopp and her two sisters live outside of town in the early 1900s. While driving one day with their horse and buggy, they are hit by an erratic automobile. Luckily they are all relatively unharmed, their buggy, however, is destroyed. Constance is not one forContinue reading “Girl Waits With Gun- Amy Stewart”

The Wild Dead- Carrie Vaughn

The second book in the Bannerless series, The Wild Dead follows investigator Enid as she seemingly becomes the post-fall worlds leading murder detective. When Enid and her new partner, Teeg, set off on a simple case the town they are visiting stumbles across a young woman who had been brutally murdered. It is clear thisContinue reading “The Wild Dead- Carrie Vaughn”

Bannerless-Carrie Vaughn

Post apocalyptic crime solving?!? Yesssssss! Enid has only known life after The Fall, when the entire world lost technology as we know it. Those whose survived rebuilt the best they could but it now resembles something along the 1800s (with the exception of solar cars!!!). There are many new rules in this new world includingContinue reading “Bannerless-Carrie Vaughn”