The Stranger Diaries-Elly Griffiths

Clare’s co-worker and best friend were just murdered. She’s in complete disbelief and can’t imagine why anyone would want to harm her friend. That’s when Clare starts to notice the strange messages being left in her diary. They’re not quite sinister but after the trauma she is experiencing with the murder of her friend andContinue reading “The Stranger Diaries-Elly Griffiths”

Bannerless-Carrie Vaughn

Post apocalyptic crime solving?!? Yesssssss! Enid has only known life after The Fall, when the entire world lost technology as we know it. Those whose survived rebuilt the best they could but it now resembles something along the 1800s (with the exception of solar cars!!!). There are many new rules in this new world includingContinue reading “Bannerless-Carrie Vaughn”

The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore- Kim Fu

 One of my resolutions was to read outside of my “thriller” comfort zone. While this book is certainly thrilling, it’s in a much more literary form. And there’s no murdering. Lol The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore follows 5 of the campers lives while simultaneously revealing the events that took place at the camp thatContinue reading “The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore- Kim Fu”