Marion Lane and the Deadly Rose- T.A. Willberg

The second book in the Marion Lane series leaves off in the dangerous underground world of Miss Brickett’s Investigations and Inquires. After Marion’s troublesome first year at Miss Brickett’s, she is relieved to have some downtime to focus on learning her role within the group. But the Inquirers get asked to work on “The Florist”Continue reading “Marion Lane and the Deadly Rose- T.A. Willberg”

Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder-T.A. Willberg

A bright eyed and bushy tailed Marion Lane works for a secret detective organization in 1950s London. ”Miss Brickett’s Investigations & Inquiries” has it’s headquarters below an old bookshop located in the miles of hidden tunnels below the city. But when a murder takes place inside the organization, the detectives realize it was one ofContinue reading “Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder-T.A. Willberg”