Still Mine- Amy Stuart

I finally finished a book! For the first time in over a month I have taken a book off my to be read pile and now am able to put it on the shelf. This book made it possible and hopefully jump start my new years resolution of reading a book a week!

Clare isn’t her real name but that’s what the folks of the small town Blackmore call her. She will only be in Blackmore a week and in that time she needs to find out what happened to Shayna Fowles, the missing local. Clare is running from her own past but in order to do so she needs to move forward. By finding where or what happened to Shayna will be lucrative for her and she needs money now more than ever. When she starts to lose herself in what feels like home (and not in a good way) she obsesses about finding Shayna before its to late for herself to get out.

Still Mine is 305 pages long and took me 4 days to read.

I give this novel a three out of five because I really enjoyed reading this story. It wasn’t a difficult read and was exactly what I needed to get back into my reading groove.

Please comment with your thoughts after you’ve read this book!

Here’s to the adventure of finding a novel novel!


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