Girls of Brackenhill-Kate Moretti

Hannah’s sister went missing seventeen years ago from their aunt and uncle’s estate ”Brackenhill”. When Hannah’s aunt dies in a mysterious car accident, Hannah is sent back to Brackenhill for the first time since her sister’s disappearance to make arrangements for the funeral. But by being back she is starting to remember the summer leading up to her sisters disappearance and Hannah’s obsession with finding out what really happened to her sister and aunt takes her over. She can feel that there is danger but she no longer cares. She needs to find out what happened to the women she loved.

The Girls of Brackenhill is 352 and took me four days to read.

This book is creepily atmospheric and will likely leave you feeling melancholic but in the best way! I’m giving this a 3.5 out of 5!

Thank you, Thomas & Mercer, for sending me this copy!

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A Lady’s Guide To Mischief and Mayhem-Manda Collins

Lady Katherine Bascomb inherited a newspaper publishing company when her husband died. As a woman in power in 1865, she walks the line of impropriety when she decides to publish and column with her best friend titled ”A Lady’s Guide To Mischief and Mayhem” about the recent serial killer named the commandments killer. By publishing the column she unintentionally gets lead Detective Inspector Andrew Eversham kicked off the case. When she visits an old friend out of town she comes in contact with a possible victim of the commandments killer. Detective Inspector Eversham is called to the scene and sparks fly between him and Katherine. Now, not only must they fight a murderer, but they must also fight the feelings they have for one another.

A Lady’s Guide is 336 pages long and took me 7 days to read.

I’m not normally a romance reader but I quite enjoyed this book! I’m giving it a 4 out of 5! I’m really looking forward to the next in this series!

Thank you, Forever Publishing, for sending me this copy!

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In The Deep-Loreth Anne White

Ellie has fallen head over heels for Martin Cresswell-Smith. Although their courtship has been short, Ellie knows that marrying Martin and having her father invest in his company is the right thing for her after all she has gone through. There is only one problem, Martin is not at all the man she thought he was.

In The Deep is 394 pages long and took me four days to read.

I absolutely loved this book and am giving it a 4.5 out of 5! It is full of suspense, danger, lying and I thoroughly enjoyed it (except some of the more violent parts of course). I highly recommend picking up a copy!

Thank you, Amazon Publishing, for sending me this copy!

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In The Hall With The Knife & In The Study With The Wrench-Diana Peterfreund

A new take on your favorite board game characters, from Clue!

In The Hall- Blackbrook Academy has a rich tradition of successful students. Orchid McKee, Scarlett Mistry, Vaughn Green, Beth ”Peacock” Picah, Sam ”Mustard” Maestoe and Finn Plum, to name a few. But when a terrible storm hits, this group of acquaintances are forced to band together when a body is found in the house they are forced to stay in. They are all at risk of being the killer’s next victims and are forced to work together… If they can trust each other.

In The Study- The remaining students from that fateful storm, nicknamed the ”Murder Crew” by other students, feel like they have a target on their backs. Blackbrook Academy is in shambles after the storm but the Crew has now formed a kinship of sorts. While they are trying to pull their lives back together another body is discovered which would be understandable if the killer from the storm hadn’t already been caught…

In The Hall is 298 pages long and took me four days to read.

In the Study is 327 pages long and took me four days to read

I absolutely LOVED these books. I’m giving them both 4 out of 5. They are perfect for fans of the ”Truly Devious” series. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

Thank you, Amulet Books, for sending me these copies!

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Goodnight Beautiful-Aimee Molloy

Dr. Sam Satler is going home as a newlywed with his wife Annie to be closer to his mom who has dementia. His psychiatry practice is thriving in the small New York town but his life is far from perfect. Dr. Satler has many secrets that are about to come to light and become public knowledge… when he goes missing.

Goodnight Beautiful is 289 page long and took two days to read.

I enjoyed this book so much and am giving it a 4 out of 5! It’s a perfect weekend thriller that will keep you hooked from the first page!

Thank you, Harper Books, for sending me this copy!

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Leave The World Behind-Rumaan Alam

A nice summer vacation to the country is what a family of four needs. So Amanda and Clay take their young daughter and teenage son to a country oasis. Their vacation seems to be perfect when the owners of the vacation home show up in the middle of the night claiming there was a major blackout in New York City so they came home to be safe. Needless to say Amanda and Clay’s trip seems to have been ruined by the couple’s overly dramatic reaction when strange things start happening around them. Maybe the homeowners aren’t as dramatic as it seemed and quite possibly Amanda, Clay and their children could be in very real danger.

Leave The World Behind is 241 pages long and took me two days to read.

I’m giving this book a 2.5 out of 5. I really enjoyed this book at first but there is a part towards the end that involves teeth that is a HUGE phobia of mine that I couldn’t get over. I think this book is worth the read but it just wasn’t my taste and I was super bummed with the abrupt ending.

Thank you, Ecco, for sending me this copy!

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The Left-Handed Booksellers of London-Garth Nix

Susan is searching for her unknown father in London before she starts art school in the fall. But while she is on the hunt she stumbles into a world unknown to her. She meets Merlin a left-handed bookseller who is an assassin of out-of-line magical beings. Susan is swept into this magical world unwillingly but becomes invested in the action-packed lifestyle of Merlin and his family. The more entangled Susan is in the world, she realizes she may not be completely human and she is in very serious danger.

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London is 393 pages long and took me four days to read.

I absolutely LOVED this book and hope this becomes a series. I’m giving it a 4.5 out of 5! If you need a break from the real world, I highly recommend this funny, heart-warming and action packed book!

Thank you, Katherine Tegen Books, for sending me this copy!!

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Hope Island-Tim Major

Nina needs a break from her everyday life. After her partner Rob leaves her, she decides to go on a trip to visit his parents on Hope Island with their daughter Laurie. She hopes spending some time with Laurie in a place Laurie loves so much will bring them closer. But Nina is having a difficult time leaving her job as a reporter on the mainland and finds that the islands commune has some strange rumors surrounding it. When Nina finds out there was a dead body on the beach near the commune she must decide if she should follow her journalist instincts or if this could be the final straw that causes her to lose her daughter.

Hope Island is 381 pages long and took me six days to read.

This book is WEIRD and gave me spooky dreams but I’m glad I read it and am giving it a 3 out of 5. If you like strange books you need to check out Hope Island!

Thank you, Titan Books, for sending me this copy!

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