Every Last Secret-A.R. Torre

Cat and William have the picturesque life together. A mansion, a loving and faithful marriage, money galore…. But one thing that is lacking is from their business, Winthrope Tech, is William’s inability to manage his employees without firing them. William decides to hire Dr. Neena Ryder to help on the psychological end of the businessContinue reading “Every Last Secret-A.R. Torre”

Girls of Brackenhill-Kate Moretti

Hannah’s sister went missing seventeen years ago from their aunt and uncle’s estate ”Brackenhill”. When Hannah’s aunt dies in a mysterious car accident, Hannah is sent back to Brackenhill for the first time since her sister’s disappearance to make arrangements for the funeral. But by being back she is starting to remember the summer leadingContinue reading “Girls of Brackenhill-Kate Moretti”

Thief River Falls- Brian Freeman

When an author’s hit crime thriller starts to reflect her real life, Lisa Power knows just what to do. She has to help the little boy who is running from the police, just like she does in the story she wrote. But Lisa isn’t equipped to handle this on her own so she leans onContinue reading “Thief River Falls- Brian Freeman”

Unspeakable Things- Jess Lourey

Small town life in Minnesota during the 80s was a turning event for most parents. When word gets around that young boys are being sexually assaulted, they aren’t quite believed. Especially because they’re from the wrong side of the tracks. But Cassie, a nice middle school-aged farm girl notices a change in the boys. SheContinue reading “Unspeakable Things- Jess Lourey”

Nine Elms-Robert Bryndza

Kate Marshall, the former police detective who caught the infamous Nine Elms serial killer, is stunned by the similarities of a recent murder and the case that shot her into the spotlight and out of the police force. She knows the recent murders weren’t committed by the same killer because he is currently in aContinue reading “Nine Elms-Robert Bryndza”

Girl Most Likely-Max Allan Collins

It’s not news to anyone that I love Thomas & Mercer books. I get so excited every time I open a new one and look forward to telling you about it. Krista Larson is now the police chief of her hometown, Galena, IL. With her ten-year high school reunion approaching this weekend, she feels proudContinue reading “Girl Most Likely-Max Allan Collins”

Blood Echo-Christopher Rice

I fell in love with Bone Music when I read it earlier this year and was thrilled to death with the follow-up! Charlotte is a weapon by all accounts. Once she takes Zypraxon she can just about do anything. She, along with the makers of the drug, plan to use the drug for good byContinue reading “Blood Echo-Christopher Rice”

Bone Music-Christopher Rice

Charlotte Rowe has a very dark past. She was kidnapped and raised by two serial killers until she was seven. Now in her 20s, she is still trying to cope with her past by seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Thorpe. When Dr. Thorpe gives her medication to help her fall asleep, something besides tiredness creeps in.Continue reading “Bone Music-Christopher Rice”