The Guilt Trip-Sandie Jones

Rachel is trying to make the best out of her trip to Portugal. Her brother in law is getting married to a flakey woman that neither Rachel nor her husband Jack are particularly thrilled about. Luckily, Rachel’s best friends Noah and Paige are coming with which should make for a pleasant trip. The only problemContinue reading “The Guilt Trip-Sandie Jones”

The 22 Murders of Madison May- Max Barry

Madison May will die. Murdered to be exact and it will keep happening until Clay gets what he wants… the perfect Madison May. He will travel through several timelines to hunt Madison down unless he is stopped by an unexpected group of people who are already on his trail. The 22 Murders of Madison MayContinue reading “The 22 Murders of Madison May- Max Barry”

The Therapist- B.A. Paris

Alice and her boyfriend Leo just bought a house in a quiet little gated neighborhood. Alice is excited to start her new life but isn’t too sure about her neighbors. They don’t see overly welcoming and aren’t particularly kind but Alice will do whatever she can to win them over. When she realizes her neighborsContinue reading “The Therapist- B.A. Paris”

Unthinkable-Brad Parks

Nate is kidnapped by what he can only assume is a mad man telling him he must murder his wife in order to save the world. Nate doesn’t understand how his lawyer wife would cause the destruction of man kind but slowly this crazy man is making more sense as Nate witnesses the predictions theContinue reading “Unthinkable-Brad Parks”

Falling- T. J. Newman

As a pilot, how can you choose between your wife and kids being murdered or having to kill your 143 passengers by crashing the plane? Is there a way you can save everyone? Falling is 285 pages long and took me two days to read. This book stressed me out so much in the wayContinue reading “Falling- T. J. Newman”

Choose Me-Tess Gerritsen & Gary Braver

Taryn Moore is complicated. She is young, beautiful, intelligent but deeply unhappy. When she is found dead from an apparent suicide her few friends are not wholly unsurprised but to detective Frankie Loomis something doesn’t quite add up. Upon some digging detective Loomis discovers a very dark story and it may explain exactly why TarynContinue reading “Choose Me-Tess Gerritsen & Gary Braver”

The Box in the Woods- Maureen Johnson

Hot off solving the mystery of the century, Stevie is invited to attend a summer camp where a brutal murder occurred to help a podcaster with his upcoming season dedicated to the case. With her friends by her side Stevie is looking forward to a summer spent sleuthing, even if it means that her summerContinue reading “The Box in the Woods- Maureen Johnson”

The Maidens-Alex Michaelides

Mariana is convinced that Professor Fosca murdered his student. After viewing the way his female students behave around him, Mariana has used her expertise as a group therapist and has no doubt that he brutally murdered a young woman with so much potential. Mariana will do whatever she can to protect her niece Zoe fromContinue reading “The Maidens-Alex Michaelides”