A Dark Lure- Loreth Anne White

Being the fishing fanatic I am, I was instantly interested in reading a novel with “lure” in the title. After reading the description of the novel I was all in.

Olivia West, formerly know as Sarah Baker, is now a manager at the Broken Bar Ranch. Olivia/Sarah was the only victim of the Watt Lake Killer to survive. Not only does she suffer from PTSD she has also completely secluded herself from other people. She has made a new life for herself at Broken Bar and done her best to move on from the traumatic experiences she’s suffered. When similarities of her kidnapping appear at the ranch her flashbacks and anxiety overwhelm her. Is it all in her head, or could the Watt Lake Killer have found her?

This novel reads at 408 pages and took me five days to read. The story definately has some twists but not what I’d call unexpected.

I did enjoy this novel and would give it a 3 of 5.

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Brain On Fire-Susannah Cahalan

I had the honor of meeting Susannah Cahalan in 2013 and was lucky to hear her story first hand. This is one of my favorite  books because it is beautiful in its own right. Our brain is a magnificent, complex organ and when it turns on us it changes everything.

Susannah was 24 when she first felt like something was wrong. She had a good job at The New York Post as a writer and was in her first serious relationship, least to say things were on the right track. When she woke up in the hospital, chained to a bed with “flight risk” on her arm, she knew something bad had happened.

This book truly is a must-read. It is upsetting and scary but being aware of our own bodies is incredibly important.

252 pages of nonstop mystery makes this story fly by. It took me two days to read this book.

I give Brain On Fire 4.5 out of 5 for being brutally honest, wonderfully written and most of all, informative to all.

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The Husband’s Secret- Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty has become quite popular for her addicting stories. This is the first of her many books I’ve read and I can absolutely say it will not be my last.

Cecilia Fitzpatrick loves her husband. She has a happy life with three wonderful daughters. She is successful in her career and feels like she has an almost perfect life. While cleaning her home she stumbles upon an envelope with “For my wife, Cecilia Fitzpatrick. To be opened in the event of my death” written on the front. Cecilia assumes this letter will be a romantic gesture to her when her husband passes but becomes enthralled with opening it prior to his departure on earth due to their recent lack of intimacy. When she brings the letter up to her husband he starts acting strange and asks her not to open it. What is her husband hiding from her and how will it affect those around her?

The Husband’s Secret is 445 pages long and I was able to tackle it within 4 days.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It kept me interested with its rich character details and gives you a deep look into marriage, love and death. I give this novel a 3.5.

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The Whites-Richard Price (Harry Brandt)

I’m a sucker for cop stories. They are by far my favorite and I easily get lost in the drama. This book is no different. While it wasn’t my first cop drama and won’t be my last, it certainly was worthwhile.

Detective Billy Graves is on the Night Watch unit of the NYPD that deals with the cream of the crop criminals late at night through the wee hours of the morning. When Billy was in his younger days as a detective he was part of a group who called themselves the Wild Geese. They were quite a team who caught criminals left and right. With the caught criminals also came each Wild Geese members “White”, aka criminal that escaped justice one way or another.  When Billy gets a call to a murder scene while on Night Watch, he discovers that the victim is one of the Wild Geese’s Whites. Under suspicious circumstances Billy discovers that additional Whites have gone missing.

The Whites is a very intriguing story that puts in perspective how criminals stick with police officers years after their careers have ended and how they shape their lives.

333 pages later and you’ll have a profound respect of “doing the right thing”. I read this book in 4 days.

I really enjoyed this book. Again, I love cop dramas and this didn’t disappoint. I give The Whites a 3 out of 5.

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Broken Harbor-Tana French 

Tana French is one talented woman. She is easily one of my favorite authors for her creative crime stories that will have you reading every one of her novels.

Our main character, Mick “Scorcher” Kennedy, is an Irish Murder Squad detective. When he catches a case of a father and his two young children who’ve been murdered while the mother is in critical condition at Scortcher’s old family summer vacation stomping grounds, he starts to have flashbacks of similar distressing situations from his youth.

At 450 pages, Broken Harbor captures the eirey essence of multiple broken families and their struggles to remain “normal”.  This book took me 3.5 days to read.

I give Broken Harbor a 3.5 out of 5 for its stressful plot but accurate portrayal of mankind. This book is not for the faint of heart and can be difficult to ready as the nature of the book isn’t extremely pleasant. I very much recommend reading all of Tana French’s books and plan on reviewing many more for you!

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo- Stieg Larsson


I realize that I’m behind the times when it comes to Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but DEAR LORD. I’ve seen the US version of the movie and, naturally, was fascinated by Lisbeth Salander.

Our incredibly twisty turny novel follows both Mikael Blomkvist (a financial reporter on hiatus after being convicted of libel) who takes a job of solving a 35 year old mystery to gain dirt on the man whom he made libelous claims against and Lisbeth Salander (a complicated soul who hacks other people’s information as her career).

It would take me three whole days just to explain the plot but know this is a mystery worth getting lost in a book for.

464 pages and at times a tough read (lots of financial jargon in the beginning) and took me 5 days to read but is completely mind blowing.

I genuinely loved this book. With confidence I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 and I only go that low because the first 100 pages can be difficult to get through. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has some time to kill and a fairly good memory.

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This Is Where I Leave You- Jonathan Tropper

This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper is the best $3 bargain book I’ve had the pleasure of finding. I typically find myself reading mysteries and this book is definitely a change of pace.

Our main character Judd Foxman has had a tough year. First he found his wife and boss in bed together in quite an incriminating fashion.  Then he is told his father passed away. He is informed that his father’s dying wish was for their family to sit shiva for seven days (his father was not actively religious). While he can tolerate his family for a short amount of time, seven days will end up bringing out the worst in him and his family and surprisingly their best.

339 pages in enough to keep you wanting more of the Foxman family. Their flaws are endearing and above all else, entertaining. I finished this book in 3 days.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 for keeping a mystery fan interested and not wanting the story to end.

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Lacy Eye- Jessica Treadway

Lacy Eye is one of those books that makes you want to avoid having children, or maybe just not letting them date… Jessica Treadway does a magnificent job capturing a character’s emotions in this story of a suspicious daughter.

When Joe and Hanna’s odd daughter Dawn starts to date a perculiar man named Rud and instantly falls head over heels, they obviously have their doubts about his intentions. Shortly after voicing their opinions they are attacked in their home leaving Hanna with memory loss and killing Joe. Rud is convicted of the attack but when he gets out on an appeal Hanna starts to relive that fateful night and questions whether her daughter could have been involved.

At 339 pages long, this book is one that will be hard to stop reading. It took me four days to read this book and then I forced it on several friends to read as well.

I give Lacy Eye 4 out of 5 for a creative story that leaves you weary.

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Here’s to the adventure of finding a novel novel!