And Now She’s Gone-Rachel Howzell Hall

Grayson Sykes is assigned to her first missing person case through Rader Consulting. She is being paid to find the missing girlfriend of prominent Emergency Room physician, Ian O’Donnell. But Isabel does not want to be found, or so her mystery texts to Grayson lead her to believe. The further Grayson looks into this caseContinue reading “And Now She’s Gone-Rachel Howzell Hall”

Shadow School-Dehaunting

The second book in the Shadow School series is even better than the first! Now that Cordelia and her friends know how to set free the ghosts that haunt their school, it should be a piece of cake! Except now the ghosts are refusing their keys that allow them to leave. And even worse… TheirContinue reading “Shadow School-Dehaunting”

Until It’s Over-Nicci French

Astrid has a happy life as a cycle courier in London and her house full of roommates. But when people around Astrid keep winding up dead, she’s not sure who she can trust and if she is even safe anymore in her home. Until It’s Over is 434 pages long and took me four daysContinue reading “Until It’s Over-Nicci French”

The Silent Conspiracy-L.C. Shaw

The exciting follow-up to The Network! Two years after Jack and Taylor brought down the evil syndicate called the Institute, we find the lovebirds happily married with their son, Evan. They know there are still members of the Institute out there that might want to cause them harm but so far it’s been quiet. WhenContinue reading “The Silent Conspiracy-L.C. Shaw”

The Woods-Vanessa Savage

Tess has never recovered from her sister dying when they were in their teens. But when Tess gets a call from her father telling her that their stepmother has been brought home to die peacefully, Tess must face what she’s been avoiding for ten years… the woods behind their house where her sister died andContinue reading “The Woods-Vanessa Savage”

Final Cut-SJ Watson

Alex is set to film her new documentary in Blackwood Bay, a place she is reluctant to go back to. She remembers very little from her time there but knows she has a bad feeling about seeing the town and it’s people again. What starts out as a simple project turns into something much moreContinue reading “Final Cut-SJ Watson”

The River Home-Hannah Richell

A last minute wedding forces a emotionally distant family to face uncomfortable truths about their past, present and future. The River Home is 354 pages and took me two days to read. I loved this book! Im giving it a 4 out of 5! I made the description extra brief because I went in knowingContinue reading “The River Home-Hannah Richell”

In Case Of Emergency-E.G. Scott

Charlotte is still trying to pick up the pieces from her life imploding after her career as a neuroscience surgeon abruptly came to an end. But she is finally feeling stable when her boyfriend, Peter goes missing. He has been gone without warning before but never this long. When she is contacted by the policeContinue reading “In Case Of Emergency-E.G. Scott”