In Case Of Emergency-E.G. Scott

Charlotte is still trying to pick up the pieces from her life imploding after her career as a neuroscience surgeon abruptly came to an end. But she is finally feeling stable when her boyfriend, Peter goes missing. He has been gone without warning before but never this long. When she is contacted by the policeContinue reading “In Case Of Emergency-E.G. Scott”

Theme Music-T. Marie Vandelly

Oh man! I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this one! Dixie Wheeler is the lone survivor of her father’s murder-suicide which killed her mother and three older brothers. Being only 1 1/2 at the time allowed Dixie a different life. Being raised by her aunt uncle, she grew up withContinue reading “Theme Music-T. Marie Vandelly”

The Perfect Plan-Bryan Reardon

I absolutely LOVED Bryan Reardon’s previous book ”The Real Michael Swann”! When I heard ”The Perfect Plan” was coming out I was super excited to read Reardon’s next thrilling story. Liam has always been second best to his big brother Drew. Drew has the looks, brains, charisma, wife, house and the job. Drew is runningContinue reading “The Perfect Plan-Bryan Reardon”

The Killer In Me-Olivia Kiernan

When he was just a teenager, Sean Hennessey was convicted of murdering his parents and attempting to kill his younger sister. Now that he is out of jail he plans to make his case for his innocence. When murders that mimic those of Sean’s parents start after Sean is out of prison, DCS Sheehan hasContinue reading “The Killer In Me-Olivia Kiernan”

The Real Michael Swan-Bryan Reardon

Nothing gets the heart pumping like a fast paced thriller. Especially one that involves a territorist attack. When a bomb goes off at Penn Station, the world’s eyes are on New York City but all Julia Swann can think about finding her husband that was waiting for his train to come home. When the FBIContinue reading “The Real Michael Swan-Bryan Reardon”