The Left-Handed Booksellers of London-Garth Nix

Susan is searching for her unknown father in London before she starts art school in the fall. But while she is on the hunt she stumbles into a world unknown to her. She meets Merlin a left-handed bookseller who is an assassin of out-of-line magical beings. Susan is swept into this magical world unwillingly butContinue reading “The Left-Handed Booksellers of London-Garth Nix”

Hope Island-Tim Major

Nina needs a break from her everyday life. After her partner Rob leaves her, she decides to go on a trip to visit his parents on Hope Island with their daughter Laurie. She hopes spending some time with Laurie in a place Laurie loves so much will bring them closer. But Nina is having aContinue reading “Hope Island-Tim Major”

High Treason-Sean McFate

When the Vice President’s motorcade is attacked and causes many deaths, including the Vice President, Tom Locke (former military contractor) knows this is more than a typical terrorist attack. He feels in his gut that this has his former bosses signature to it. But that’s impossible since he’s dead… Or is he? Tom knows heContinue reading “High Treason-Sean McFate”

Rules For Vanishing-Kate Alice Marshall

If you’re wanting a spooky book for Spooktober, look no further! The legend says that once a year a road appears in the small town of Briar Glen and makes those who walk it disappear. This year Lucy is determined to find the disappearing road after Lucy’s sister Becca walked it the year before. ButContinue reading “Rules For Vanishing-Kate Alice Marshall”

And Now She’s Gone-Rachel Howzell Hall

Grayson Sykes is assigned to her first missing person case through Rader Consulting. She is being paid to find the missing girlfriend of prominent Emergency Room physician, Ian O’Donnell. But Isabel does not want to be found, or so her mystery texts to Grayson lead her to believe. The further Grayson looks into this caseContinue reading “And Now She’s Gone-Rachel Howzell Hall”

Shadow School-Dehaunting

The second book in the Shadow School series is even better than the first! Now that Cordelia and her friends know how to set free the ghosts that haunt their school, it should be a piece of cake! Except now the ghosts are refusing their keys that allow them to leave. And even worse… TheirContinue reading “Shadow School-Dehaunting”

Until It’s Over-Nicci French

Astrid has a happy life as a cycle courier in London and her house full of roommates. But when people around Astrid keep winding up dead, she’s not sure who she can trust and if she is even safe anymore in her home. Until It’s Over is 434 pages long and took me four daysContinue reading “Until It’s Over-Nicci French”

The Silent Conspiracy-L.C. Shaw

The exciting follow-up to The Network! Two years after Jack and Taylor brought down the evil syndicate called the Institute, we find the lovebirds happily married with their son, Evan. They know there are still members of the Institute out there that might want to cause them harm but so far it’s been quiet. WhenContinue reading “The Silent Conspiracy-L.C. Shaw”