Dead Silence- S.A. Barnes

Claire wakes up in a strange room in what appears to be a hospital. She knows that the other things that she sees in the hospital aren’t real. The ghosts of her crew are staring back at her with knowing gazes. She wasn’t supposed to make it off of the Aurora, a famously lost luxuryContinue reading “Dead Silence- S.A. Barnes”

Marion Lane and the Deadly Rose- T.A. Willberg

The second book in the Marion Lane series leaves off in the dangerous underground world of Miss Brickett’s Investigations and Inquires. After Marion’s troublesome first year at Miss Brickett’s, she is relieved to have some downtime to focus on learning her role within the group. But the Inquirers get asked to work on “The Florist”Continue reading “Marion Lane and the Deadly Rose- T.A. Willberg”

The Witching Tree-Alice Blanchard

Detective Natalie Lockhart is still mourning the loss of her younger sister after a very traumatic death and is contemplating leaving the force when a call comes in. A beloved member of the community has seemingly been murdered. Chained to the train tracks in the middle of the night while dressed in a Halloween witchesContinue reading “The Witching Tree-Alice Blanchard”

The Mirror Man-Lars Kepler

Detective Joona Linna is on a disturbing case. A woman’s body has been found hanging from a children’s playground. When the body is identified they find it’s Jenny Lind, a girl that was kidnapped five years prior that had never been found. When Joona notices a mark that connects Jenny’s murder with other girls whoContinue reading “The Mirror Man-Lars Kepler”

Last Seen Alive-Joanna Schaffhausen

In the suspenseful fifth book of the Ellery Hathaway series, we find the detective caught up her most dangerous assignment yet, facing off with her former attempted murderer Francis Coben. Her ex-boyfriend and savior from Coben, FBI agent Reed Markham gives Ellery a letter from Coben saying he has additional information about his previous stringContinue reading “Last Seen Alive-Joanna Schaffhausen”

Good Rich People-Eliza Jane Brazier

Lyla has always valued money over everything. Money over kindness, love or happiness and she had just that with her husband Graham and his controlling mother. All the money in the world but absolutely no say in how she lives her life. When Graham tells Lyla she is to partake in his mother and hisContinue reading “Good Rich People-Eliza Jane Brazier”

Twenty Years Later-Charlie Donlea

Twenty years after 9/11, remains of a murder suspect have been discovered in the rubble. When Avery Mason, an upcoming superstar of a true crime tv show discovers this amazing story, she is weary that maybe the murder suspect Victoria Ford is innocent and works to uncover the mystery. But Avery has secrets of herContinue reading “Twenty Years Later-Charlie Donlea”

Be My Ghost-Carol J. Perry

When Maureen gets a letter at the perfect time stating she has inherited an estate in Florida, she drops what is left of her life in Boston, packs up her things and her very friendly dog Finn and moves to the Gulf of Mexico. Not only is Maureen unfamiliar with the woman who willed herContinue reading “Be My Ghost-Carol J. Perry”