The Hollow Kind-Andy Davidson

After receiving her grandfather’s farm and land, Nellie takes her son to the live on the thousand acre estate where she spent one summer growing up. The ghosts of Nellie’s past are not the only thing haunting Nellie as she discovers there is something sinister amongst the trees. She’ll stop at nothing to protect herContinue reading “The Hollow Kind-Andy Davidson”

Sinister Graves-Marcie Rendon

Cash Blackbear has a gift of what one can only describe as supernatural sight. As a single woman in the 1970s rural Minnesota, she uses her sight to help her adoptive father with his police work. When two bodies of native women appear, she knows in her bones that they are connected. As she herselfContinue reading “Sinister Graves-Marcie Rendon”

Always The First To Die- RJ Jacobs

Lexi had planned to never return to Pinecrest in the Florida Keys after her history with the Estate but she finds herself driving in the middle of a hurricane to rescue her daughter after she receives a frantic call. Upon arrival she relives all of the traumatic events that happened many years ago on theContinue reading “Always The First To Die- RJ Jacobs”

Beyond the Wand-Tom Felton

Like every 12 year old in 2001, I immediately formed a crush on Tom Felton that would last many years. In his memoir “Beyond the Wand” he opens up about his strange but normal upbringing thanks to his incredible parents and brothers that kept his ego in check. The many thoughtful stories Tom shares aboutContinue reading “Beyond the Wand-Tom Felton”

Nettle & Bone- T. Kingfisher

Marra knows she’ll only have one shot to do what needs to be done… hating your brother in-law isn’t uncommon but when he’s a prince? Well killing a prince is a job for a princess. Nettle & Bone is 240 pages long and took me two days to read. I absolutely adore this book! I’mContinue reading “Nettle & Bone- T. Kingfisher”

Pay Dirt Road-Samantha Jayne Allen

Victoria, a local waitress goes missing in a Texas town. Her coworker Annie knows she would never disappear when she has a daughter she dotes on so much. Annie asks her former police chief grandfather to help her track Victoria down. Tracing Victoria’s steps may be the only way to find out what happened toContinue reading “Pay Dirt Road-Samantha Jayne Allen”

The Fields-Erin Young

Iowa is known for its corn and when a young woman is found dead in a small town corn field, the town is an uproar. What impact will this have on the perception of the organic farm where she was discovered? With big tech breathing down the necks of smaller farms, the police are pushedContinue reading “The Fields-Erin Young”

The Old Woman With The Knife- Gu Byeong-Mo

Hornclaw has a unique job for a sixty-five year old.. assassin. The usually cold woman is given an assignment that may be designed to be her last when she meets a young doctor she becomes particularly fond of. When it appears someone may be threatening him and his families safety, Hornclaw knows just what toContinue reading “The Old Woman With The Knife- Gu Byeong-Mo”