Beneath Devil’s Bridge-Loreth Anne White

Twenty years after the murder of teenager Leena Rai, a podcast is created to take a deep dive into the case. Podcaster Trinity Scott heads to the small town to interview the detectives and townspeople involved but is getting pushback from the locals. So when she realizes she isn’t getting anywhere with them she dropsContinue reading “Beneath Devil’s Bridge-Loreth Anne White”

The Next Wife-Kaira Rouda

Being the second wife of a millionaire is hard when you broke up his first marriage. You have a lot to live up to especially when your husband has an adult daughter and your husband’s ex runs his business alongside him. Tish is no stranger to these difficulties and wishes her husband John would giveContinue reading “The Next Wife-Kaira Rouda”

The End Of Men-Christina Sweeney-Baird

A virus is sweeping the world and killing the majority of the male population. This thriller follows the story of the women throughout the world trying to protect and save as many men as they can. The End of Men is 387 pages long and took me five days to read. I’m giving this bookContinue reading “The End Of Men-Christina Sweeney-Baird”

Run For Cover- Michael Ledwidge

A body is found in the Grand Teton National park that is clearly a victim of murder. When two FBI agents, a park ranger and the town sheriff go out to investigate the body and scene, only one comes out alive but not unscathed. Was found the body and consecutive shooting unrelated or is somethingContinue reading “Run For Cover- Michael Ledwidge”

Near You- Mary Burton

When another woman’s body is found near her hometown in Missoula, Montana, forensic psychologist Ann Bailey is asked to help with what appears to be a sadistic serial killer. Ann gets into the mind of the killer to find out what makes them tick. But as a single mom who is now fearing not onlyContinue reading “Near You- Mary Burton”

The Last One Home-Victoria Helen Stone

Lauren’s life is a mess. Her long term relationship just ended, her beloved grandmother is ill and her job is no longer making her happy. She knows she needs a change and decides taking care of her grandmother for a while might be just what she needs. While Lauren is cleaning the old house sheContinue reading “The Last One Home-Victoria Helen Stone”

Danger In Numbers-Heather Graham

A seemingly cult like murder near the Florida Everglades has the Florida State Police in a tizzy. When the FBI is called in to take a look at the case, another murder quickly follows. The police know even more will happen within days if they don’t pin down the culprits soon. Special Agent Amy LarsonContinue reading “Danger In Numbers-Heather Graham”

The Girls Are All So Nice Here- Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

Ambrosia receives an invitation to her 10 year college reunion much to her dismay. She does everything she can to hide the invitation from her husband because why would she want to relive the worst years of her life? She doesn’t want her husband to know what she did while she was under the spellContinue reading “The Girls Are All So Nice Here- Laurie Elizabeth Flynn”