Grace Is Gone-Emily Elgar

When a small-town mother in a famous mother-daughter-duo is found murdered and her very ill daughter is missing, a reporter that had previously lost his credibility reporting on their family becomes obsessed with the case. Jon knows he already lost so much by reporting a different side of the the duo but now he isContinue reading “Grace Is Gone-Emily Elgar”

Unspeakable Things- Jess Lourey

Small town life in Minnesota during the 80s was a turning event for most parents. When word gets around that young boys are being sexually assaulted, they aren’t quite believed. Especially because they’re from the wrong side of the tracks. But Cassie, a nice middle school-aged farm girl notices a change in the boys. SheContinue reading “Unspeakable Things- Jess Lourey”

The Network-L.C. Shaw

When journalist Jack Logan is contacted by his ex-girlfriend’s current husband (a U.S. Senator) about protecting his wife all costs, Jack is a little thrown. He hasn’t spoken to Taylor in years and he knows she wouldn’t be thrilled to hear from him. But when the things the Senator had predicted, including his own mysteriousContinue reading “The Network-L.C. Shaw”

Nine Elms-Robert Bryndza

Kate Marshall, the former police detective who caught the infamous Nine Elms serial killer, is stunned by the similarities of a recent murder and the case that shot her into the spotlight and out of the police force. She knows the recent murders weren’t committed by the same killer because he is currently in aContinue reading “Nine Elms-Robert Bryndza”

Elevator Pitch-Linwood Barclay

New York City is a skyline full of beautiful buildings and thousands of elevators. When tragic accidents involving elevators start to occur where people are killed within days of each other, the NYPD starts to suspect that this is more than an accident. No one is safe and everyone has the risk of being seriouslyContinue reading “Elevator Pitch-Linwood Barclay”

29 Seconds-T.M. Logan

Having a job in academia is difficult enough without having a boss that is wildly inappropriate, threatens and sexually harasses the women below him. Sarah is unfortunate to have a boss like this. But one day she does a good deed and unknowingly puts herself in a position she’s never been in before. Give aContinue reading “29 Seconds-T.M. Logan”

Dahlia Black-Keith Thomas

Dahlia Black tells the story of the world post-Elevation and what led up to millions of people disappearing off the planet. ”The Pulse” may have changed human DNA but the behind the scenes of the worlds largest loss is even more drastic than previously known. Dahlia Black is 269 pages long and took me threeContinue reading “Dahlia Black-Keith Thomas”