Twenty Years Later-Charlie Donlea

Twenty years after 9/11, remains of a murder suspect have been discovered in the rubble. When Avery Mason, an upcoming superstar of a true crime tv show discovers this amazing story, she is weary that maybe the murder suspect Victoria Ford is innocent and works to uncover the mystery. But Avery has secrets of herContinue reading “Twenty Years Later-Charlie Donlea”

Be My Ghost-Carol J. Perry

When Maureen gets a letter at the perfect time stating she has inherited an estate in Florida, she drops what is left of her life in Boston, packs up her things and her very friendly dog Finn and moves to the Gulf of Mexico. Not only is Maureen unfamiliar with the woman who willed herContinue reading “Be My Ghost-Carol J. Perry”

Grave Reservations-Cherie Priest

Leda has always had a sixth sense in the form of premonitions. When she accidentally saves the life of a police officer by using her talent, he asks for her help. He’ll pay her to look at an older unsolved case with the hope that she’ll be able to have a premonition that will helpContinue reading “Grave Reservations-Cherie Priest”

Chasing The Boogeyman-Richard Chizmar

Richard Chizmar’s interesting take on fictional true crime is one of the best things I’ve read this year. I somehow missed the author’s note in the beginning of the book stating very clearly that this is a work of fiction and read the entire book as though it were true crime. I absolutely loved thisContinue reading “Chasing The Boogeyman-Richard Chizmar”

The Guide-Peter Heller

It’s not often that your dream job falls into your lap but getting to be a fishing guide at Kingfisher Lodge is truly a dream. Jack will get to wake up every morning to do what he loves, fishing. But within the first few hours of his time in Kingfisher, he starts to notice thatContinue reading “The Guide-Peter Heller”

When The Reckoning Comes- LaTanya McQueen

Mira has avoided returning home for the last 10 years but has finally relented after hearing from her old best friend about her upcoming wedding. A wedding at the Woodsman Plantation. How could her friend not realize that asking her to return to a place that has brought her so much anguish could be soContinue reading “When The Reckoning Comes- LaTanya McQueen”

Dark Waters-Katherine Arden

The third book in the “Small Spaces” series, “Dark Water” is the PERFECT Halloween read! Ollie, Coco and Brian know that the smiling man will return, it’s just a matter of time. When the trio are forced to join their parents on a day long sailing trip, they are weary that this must be aContinue reading “Dark Waters-Katherine Arden”

The Guilt Trip-Sandie Jones

Rachel is trying to make the best out of her trip to Portugal. Her brother in law is getting married to a flakey woman that neither Rachel nor her husband Jack are particularly thrilled about. Luckily, Rachel’s best friends Noah and Paige are coming with which should make for a pleasant trip. The only problemContinue reading “The Guilt Trip-Sandie Jones”